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Hydraulic Cylinder Jacks are important in bridge construction

2017-08-01 10:34:19

Hydraulic jack since its advent, application scope gradually penetrated into all walks of life, hydraulic Jack in bridge construction will play a huge role , today Gaode Equipment tell everyone about hydraulic cylinder Jack in the application of the bridge construction.

In the construction of the bridge, the requirements for the selection of equipment are strict, and the hydraulic jacks meet the need of bridge construction. The quality of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic jack is generally able to bear the weight of the bridge, so the hydraulic jack will be selected when building the bridge. And at the time of bridge structures, need to use synchronization to improve work of hydraulic jack and bridge, hydraulic jack can withstand the weight of the bridge, so best when hydraulic jack and bridge synchronizing lifting equipment and hydraulic jack.

When the bridge is built, the selection of hydraulic jacks is required to consider whether the weight of the bridge can be borne by the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic jack. If the weight of a thousand tons of weight is to be carried, the relationship between the hydraulic jack and the pier should be redesigned. It is necessary to set the optimal connection structure between the two, reduce the friction between the two, so that the two can help each other, give the best advantage and build the most solid bridge.

At it were hydraulic jack is irreplaceable in bridge construction equipment, actually not just the bridge construction, the electric power, machinery manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding and other industries, hydraulic jack has become indispensable helper, believe that with the constant improvement of the performance, application field of hydraulic jack also will further expand, bring more broad market space. 

Sync lifting support construction for a long time

Synchronous lifting building

Synchronous lifting

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