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Small concrete pump used for concrete slab

2021-10-11 17:40:44

The concrete pump for concrete slab is a kind of concrete pump with compound pumping requirements. It is installed horizontally or vertically through the pipeline to continuously transport the site to the transportation equipment for pouring fine-stone concrete. Small concrete pumps are used for high-rise building mortar and fine aggregate concrete transportation (such as structural columns), highways, railway tunnels, and urban subways. Secondary structural column grouting, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, and wharves, foundation treatment, weak foundation, grouting reinforcement, tunnel, subway, and mine construction backfill grouting and bolt support. Secondary structure column irrigation, slope spraying and anchoring support.

concrete pump for concrete slab

Secondary structural column concrete pump for concrete slab is widely used in two-pillar filling, floor heating engineering, roofing, high-rise building walls, reservoirs and hydropower stations, ports, wharves, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement, grouting, subway tunnel backfilling, grouting, and anchor support mine construction.

diesel concrete mixer with pump for concrete slab

1. The special pouring pump for fine stone mortar with secondary structure can realize long-distance transportation of fine stone concrete and mortar in high-rise buildings.
2. The distribution valve adopts advanced S-type pipe valve, which has good sealing performance and simple and reliable structure.
3. The eye plate (commonly known as the wear-resistant plate) and the floating cutting ring are made of hard alloy, which has good wear resistance, long service life and easy replacement. The cutting ring can automatically compensate the gap structure.
4. This machine adopts electro-hydraulic control mode, with perfect electro-hydraulic overload protection and instrument display system. With the function of preventing the pump from running, it is easy to eliminate the blockage fault. The pumping speed is adjustable to adapt to various working conditions.
5. The centralized lubrication system is automatically controlled by the program to start, stop and run time, effectively prolonging the service life of rotating parts.
6. Electrical components such as contactors and button switches work reliably, and the control circuit is simple. There are switches in the electrical box for easy operation.
7. The main seal adopts high-quality seals to prevent leakage inside and outside the hydraulic system.

concrete pump for sale

concrete slab used concrete pump

Construction technology of pk traditional infusion pump special for second post casting concrete slab used concrete pump:
1. The construction work of construction equipment is reduced by 200 pieces/day (each column is 0.18 cubic meters), which is equivalent to the daily workload of 48 perfusion workers. Compared with the 90% reduction in construction equipment construction, the filling cycle can be shortened, and thousands of dollars in labor daily wages can be saved.
2. The construction equipment of the construction column can be started by one operator, but the traditional infusion construction work is very intensive, so it has been facing problems such as insufficient construction and difficulty in recruiting.

concrete mixer with pump for concrete slab

portable concrete mixer with pump for concrete slab

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small concrete pump for concrete slab

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