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Refractory spraying machine for refractory work

2021-09-26 11:45:07

In many industrial fields, this will require refractory spraying machine to spray refractory materials work. Nowadays, after years of development and innovation, Gaodetec refractory spraying machine has two models: rotor type refractory spraying machine and tank type refractory spraying machine.

refractory spraying machine in the cement rotary kiln

refractory spraying machine uses compressed air to spray a certain proportion of refractory materials at a high speed, forming a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed masonry. It has obvious advantages such as fast spraying construction speed, high efficiency, and good engineering quality. being widely used.

Refractory in the Cement Rotary Kiln

Refractory Installation in the Cement Rotary Kiln

Features of 
refractory spraying machine for refractory work:

1. Refractory spraying machine has the functions of mixing, conveying and spraying.

2. The concrete pouring quality is good, the construction speed is fast, and the labor is saved.

3. Steel mills widely use spray gun metallurgy and industrial furnaces.

4. The refractory spraying machine is a stereotyped product with good quality and durability. Accessories such as wearing parts, turntables, adhesive plates, spray guns, etc. are adequately stocked.

For the rotor type refractory spraying machine, we have electric drive and pneumatic drive to choose from. The electric-driven refractory spraying machine adopts ABB variable frequency drive to achieve variable output, which effectively avoids jamming. The new pre-wetting nozzle can not only reduce the amount of water added to the additives, but also improve the compactness and strength of refractory materials, with low resilience and low dust.

Electrically driven 
refractory spraying machine for refractory materials:

electric refractory spraying machine for sale


electric refractory spraying machine

Air-drive refractory spraying machine for refractory work:

5m3h air motor refractory spraying machine


5m3h air motor refractory spraying machine for sale

New type of pre-damped nozzle:

Tank type 
refractory spraying machine is widely used in the repair work of furnace lining, brick lining and castable lining of electric furnaces, converters, ladles, metal mixers, iron runners, etc. in the iron and steel industry.

  New type of pre-damped nozzle of gunning machine

Tank type refractory spraying machine for refractory work:

tank refractory spraying machine for sale

refractory spraying machines are very popular among steel mills in China. Our refractory spraying machines are exported to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Germany, etc., and have received better feedback from customers. Now we can provide refractory spraying machine with electric motors and air motors for customers to choose from. For some remote construction sites and inconvenient access to electricity, an air motor driven refractory spraying machine will be a good choice for customers.

We updated our 
refractory spraying machine based on customer feedback. The single hopper refractory spraying machine can effectively reduce material leakage. Electric vibration motors have greater excitation force than air vibration motors. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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