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Analysis of the problem of small amount of spraying and uneven spraying during mortar ash spraying

2019-06-13 09:42:41

In the normal spraying, if the spray gun cannot be atomized normally, there are generally the following reasons: the low voltage will cause the spray volume to become smaller, and sometimes even the high speed gear will not start. In this case, the cause of the low voltage should be first identified. It is extremely important to select the appropriate cross-section power cable according to the distance of the transmission line and the motor power of the spraying equipment.


The fineness of the mortar aggregate has a certain influence on the screw mortar spraying equipment. Because there is a certain gap between the rotor and the stator of the screw spraying equipment, the mortar must contain a certain amount of sand with a particle size of about 1.18-2.36mm to produce the best thrust. For example, in the sand of the mortar, when the maximum particle size is below 1.18 mm, the thrust of the screw pump is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the spray flow rate. In this case, the temperature of the mortar between the rotor and the stator generally rises. Because some of the mortar flows under the action of the thrust, it flows toward the nozzle. However, due to the fineness of the mortar, with the increase of the pressure at the discharge end, there is a part. Instead, the mortar flows backwards in the direction of the hopper of the spraying equipment. This part of the mortar is circulated between the rotor and the storage hopper. Under the action of friction, the temperature of the mortar rises, and eventually the tube can be blocked.

 spraying during mortar

Excessive distance from the spray pipe will result in a reduction in the amount of spray and will increase the chance of blockage. The distance of the conveying pipeline of the screw spraying equipment should be controlled according to the actual mortar condition, and the general condition should be controlled within 20 meters. The farther the distance is, the greater the friction between the mortar and the pipe wall. As the friction increases, the amount of spray will gradually decrease. When the friction between the mortar and the pipe wall exceeds the thrust of the spraying equipment, the pipe will be blocked. phenomenon.


The wear of the screw and rotor of the screw pump, the flow rate of the mortar is obviously reduced after the wear, the spraying pressure of the mortar and the pressure of the compressed air cannot be matched, resulting in uneven spraying and eccentricity. The general solution is to replace the rotor, stator, or adjust the stator pressure regulator, you can adjust the bolts properly.


The movement of the gas needle in the gun results in uneven discharge. Before each spraying, adjust the distance between the gas needle port and the gun nozzle. After adjusting to the best position, lock the gas needle fixing bolt and record the position of the gas needle. During the spraying process, due to the continuous operation of the spray gun, it is easy to cause the position of the gas needle to move, resulting in uneven discharge. In this case, the position of the gas needle can be adjusted to the position of the initial recording.

Wear of the gun mouth can also cause uneven discharge. The diameter of the lance is related to the displacement of the spray equipment and the maximum particle size of the mortar. A test spray operation can be performed before use to select a nozzle of the appropriate size. The nozzle will wear out during use. If the wear is serious, the discharge will be uneven, and the nozzle can be replaced.


Abnormal air pressure at the discharge port is also prone to uneven discharge and poor atomization. It can check whether the air compressor is running normally and whether the pressure set by the air compressor matches the spray equipment. Under normal circumstances, the working pressure of the supporting air compressor of the screw spraying equipment is between 0.4 and 0.6 MPa. While checking the air compressor, it is also necessary to check whether the air pipe leaks and whether the air needle is blocked.

double piston mortar pump

mortar spraying machine

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