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Foam generator used for foam concrete

2019-06-12 17:32:20

Foam generator used for foam concrete is an airtight container, used to mix air, foam agent and water. The foam generator for making foam includes an air compressor. Because foam generator needs high pressure air to make the materials well blended, then produce foam.

Foam generator used for foam concrete is an equipment that it can make a certain concentration of aqueous solution of foaming agent. Foam generator itself cannot produce foam. 

foam generaotr

Foam generator inhales air and make air evenly dispersed in the aqueous solution of foaming agent, so that the surface-active substance of foaming agent form the electrical double layer and surround air on the surface of liquid film, finally form bubbles.Our GR5 foam generator used for foam concrete is about 70kg, weight is small. And the volume is about 1m3, it is easy to deliver.


Foam generator for making foam and foaming agent is an interactive technical system, so they can not work alone. If you want to make foam concrete, you need these 2 necessary parts. And our foam generator has 3 capacity: 5m3/h, 10m3/h and 20m3/h for your choice.

foaming agent

For the foaming agent, we can provide advanced plant protein foam agent to you, its foam making capacity is good, and it can make rich, fine and independent foams, so that you can get good performance foam concrete.


Also, if you want to improve your working efficiency, you can add a screw conveyor help you to feed materials, a mixer to mix concrete and a foam concrete hose pump to pump the finished foam concrete to the work site. Of course, we have integrated foam concrete machines for your choice, all the parts are included.

foam concrete machineFoam generator used for foam concrete


If you have any questions about our foam generator used for foam concrete, please feel free to contact us.

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