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Shotcrete machine supplier in Singapore

2017-12-26 11:07:38

Shotcrete machine in Singapore is a kind of spraying concrete machine, mainly applied for slope-protection, swimming pool, building foundation reinforcement project. Usually, shotcrete machine normally work need suitable displacement air compressor to provide need compressed air, to conveying and spraying concrete to working surface.

Shotcrete machine supplier in Singapore is divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine according to different spraying process. For dry mix shotcrete machine, operator need add dry cement, sand, stones into hopper, and then add water in the nozzle. While wet mix shotcrete machine, need mix evenly first cement, sand, stones and water in the mixer, and then pure wet concrete into hopper, add accelerator in the nozzle. Neither wet nor dry spray machines are needed air compressor.

Gaode Equipment as shotcrete machine supplier, after continuous development and technological innovation, have developed a full range of spraying machine products. For dry mix shotcrete machine, we could provide GZ-3 (3m3/h), GZ-5 (5m3/h), GZ-9 (9m3/h), for wet mix shotcrete machine, we could provide GSZ3000 (5m3/h), GPS-7A (7m3/h), GYP-90 (7m3/h). Could fully meet the needs of different projects? 

Shotcrete machine in Singapore

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