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Shotcrete machine for castable refractories

2019-06-03 18:18:27

Shotcrete machine for castable refractories is usually used for spraying refractory materials, castable etc in steel plant etc. It have also another name refractory gunning machine, adopt dry spraying process.

Refractory shotcrete machine

Different with common dry mix shotcrete machine, castable refractories shotcrete machine is equipped with high pressure water pump, ABB frequency converter, new pre-dampening nozzle etc. High pressure water pump used for providing pressure water through nozzle water ring hole, and mixed evenly with materials.

ABB frequency converter is adjust rotor body speed, and then control refractory shotcrete machine variable output capacity from 1ton per hour to 6tons per hour. Especially for the beginning work gunning machine, lower output capacity is helpful for machine to avoid materials block conveying hose. Besides, operator could also adjust free output capacity according to specific project needs after adding ABB frequency converter.

Refractories shotcrete machine’s new pre-dampening nozzle assy is different common dry mix shotcrete machine nozzle assy, double ball rubber wear-resistant nozzle tip. There are two water lines provided high water in the nozzle assy, needle valve could precisely control and adjust water addition. So, lower rebound, lower dust, better spraying effect than common dry mix shotcrete machine.

Shotcrete machine for castable refractories

New type pre-dampening nozzle assy

Nowadays, Gaode company refractory gunning machine has been exported to many countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Qatar, UAE etc. And received the better feedback from export customers all over the world. For refractories shotcrete machine drive type, Gaode could provide electric motor drive and air motor for customers’ option. Air motor is very suitable for remote working site without electric power supply. More detailed information, please check company website: www.gaodetec.com. More detailed refractory gunning machine site working video link: https://youtu.be/CU0zJtbW8-c

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