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Refractory shotcrete castable gunning machine

2019-02-27 09:45:50

Why refractory castable gunning machine has much more spraying effect than common dry mix shotcrete machine?

Refractory castable gunning machine

Refractory gunning machine is specially design for spraying refractory, castable in steel plant. Different from common dry mix shotcrete machine, there are ABB frequency converter, new type pre-dampening nozzle assy, high pressure water pump for refractory gunite machine. ABB frequency converter is used for adjusting output from 1m3/h to 3m3/h. The materials will block conveying convey hose if larger output capacity when begin to spray.
High pressure water pump is used for provided higher pressure water for nozzle assy, pressure water come into nozzle through water ring and turn atomize, helpfully mix even materials and water. New type pre-dampening nozzle assy needle valve could accurately adjust the amount of water added. It can effectively reduce the amount of water added. Besides, new type nozzle tip is different from common shotcrete machine nozzle tip, flexible, reduce rebound.

Refractory shotcrete castable gunning machine


castable gunning machine

At the same time, sealing plate is also different between refractory gunning machine and common dry mix shotcrete machine. Common shotcrete machine sealing plate have one discharge hole, while refractory gunning machine sealing plate have no. As we all know, refractory materials or castable is much more expensive than common concrete, so it don’t need discharge hole. Sealing plate is very important spare part for shotcrete machine, we choose better quality sealing plate for our machine.

dry mix shotcrete machine sealing plate

Gaodetec refractory gunning machine have been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, English, Oman etc. country, and received better feedback from customers because of its better spraying effect. You could check the below working video, it is our refractory gunning machine in Kerneos Company laboratory. Kerneos Company is France Kerneos Group invested in a wholly owned enterprise in China, the main production of portland cement. 

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