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Mining industry sewage treatment filtration membrane filter press

2021-12-22 16:48:07

Sewage Treatment filtration membrane filter presses are commonly used in the mining industry to dewater tailings and recover process water. The membrane filter press features that membrane plates will give a second squeeze to lower filter cake moisture content when the gas or liquid get into membrane filter press. The filter press has a second squeeze to cake is an important point to distinguish between membrane filter presses and other type filter presses.

sewage Treatment filtration membrane filter press

Mining industry used membrane filter presses
are used in processing plants of the mining industry due to the positive aspect of the great process-technical flexibility among other things. The most frequent applications are the dewatering of fine coal and coal tailings (finest fractions) as well as the solid-liquid separation of the ore concentrate suspension concentrated by flotation and subsequently separated from mineral by-products. At this point, metals such as zinc, iron and copper are extracted, the precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are also extracted in corresponding mines. Membrane filter presses are preferably used for mining industry to achieve quantitatively high yields in cake washing and high dry matter contents by means of squeezing processing.

membrane filter press for mining industry

The below membrane filter press for mining industry is made for our American customer, this is a high pressure membrane filter press for gold mine in there project. The capacity is 1200L/h with 50% solid content. In this case, we recommend a membrane filter press with 50m2 filter area, because this customer want get as dry filter cake as possible, so using a high pressure membrane filter press, this machine filtration pressure is 1.6MPa, squeezing pressure is 2MPa.

Mining industry sewage treatment filtration membrane filter press

Our mining industry sewage treatment filtration membrane filter press adapted dewatering technology and the associated special design-typical features for this application: faster cycle time, high filtration speeds during filtration and dewatering of the suspensions as well as a low residual moisture content of the resulting filter cake solids. These properties and an optimised and efficient design of the processes for the application are of great importance with regard to the requirement for high capacities and above all from an economic point of view.

mining industry used filter press

Gaode Equipment has focused on manufacturing and selling filter press for more than 13 years, the machine has shipped to more than 25 countries. Whether you have a question about filter press cloth selection, need performance optimization for an existing filter press, need spare press parts, or are embarking on a new filtration project, contact Gaode to put our expertise to work in your operation. Our experienced engineers and sales team will provide a good solution for you. For more details, please contact us via info@gaodetec.com.

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