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Selection of mortar sprayer

2015-03-19 14:39:44

Selection of mortar sprayer
The vast majority of consumers do not pick mortar spraying machine, so fooled, can not simply can not buy a painting on the Chinese market with most of the mortar cement mortar spraying machine, whether imported or domestically produced, not superstition anyone . If you want to buy cement mortar machine would let him give you a try, click on the exposed. Select the sprayer to have the following characteristics, in order to have efficient spray and suitable for China.
 1) Spray the wall first can see no obvious fluctuations, indicating that the material is relatively uniform, expected to be on the wall at a certain intensity beyond 20cm, but the speed is not fast. Fluctuations in feeding uneven Calibrating difficult.
2) no great distance 20-30Cm rebound, and can spray mortar with a bandwidth of about 20, in order to have efficient. Such high adaptability to the environment, good post-processing, spraying machine must be able to feed more accurately between 7mm and 3cm single movement on the distance adjustment. Spraying should be paid attention to every good width in the range of gelling process. There are a lot of bounce too much gas. 3) into the hopper of consistency within the lower range from 80mm to 110mm, and must be able to adapt. To adapt to the needs of different water retention wall, which has been considered by the consistency of the machine down and wall suction height difference. Many domestic machine to muddle through, only to tune into a gruel like mortar, so that even if the material becomes thick mortar pump a little, and in the future there will be a problem, and some even consistency 130mm talent to play out
4) If you use insulation mortar particles described by the massive destruction of the poor, remember not to buy
5) than the feed gas compressor machine must fit, otherwise it will lead to structural wrapped gas, excessive gas content, mortar strength decreases, and the rapid evaporation of water. Try water, if, as mist flow rate is extremely high, excessive gas is a
6) other components and electrical systems must be extremely stable in order to stop the actual work rate is very low. Domestic appliances often poor stability, it is difficult to adapt to the high workload mortar spraying, the site must ensure non-stop operation.
7) The best scene mixing mortar can spray use, reflecting its ability to spray in order to adapt to different systems of sand mortar, premixed mortar in order to better use.

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