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Industrial peristaltic pump applications

2015-03-18 11:12:59

Industrial peristaltic pump applications
In the history of the industrial chemical metering, diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps in popularity and market share is higher than the peristaltic pump. Thus, the main factors impede the peristaltic pump in the metering of chemicals are widely used in the design of the technical limitations of the hose. They can withstand the highly corrosive fluid erosion, has a long service life under continuous pressure and high flow. For this reason, the peristaltic pump in the past to find a home in the low-pressure, low-volume pharmaceutical processes, in industrial processes is also a small amount of applications. However, the situation in the past 50 years has changed. Pump manufacturers to develop a flow of more than 1325 l / m, pressures up to 16.5 bar (240 psi) of the peristaltic pump, continuous service life of the hose up to thousands of hours, measurement accuracy better than 0.5%. Now, peristaltic pumps have applications in the world, is widely used in various industries in the transmission and measurement of the most corrosive chemicals. Peristaltic pump for acids and corrosive chemicals with strong resistance, and diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps metal parts will soon be eroded. For example, an engineering plastics manufacturer linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) are used in the production Watson-Marlow's Bredel SPX10 hydrochloric accurate metering pump, the hose is used in durable rubber material. Because precision plastics manufacturer metering pump hose without a separate meter or valve to control the flow. Moreover, with the inverter, the company's engineers simply to change the motor speed, you can adjust the rate of addition of hydrochloric acid. Manufacturers in the positive displacement pump peristaltic pump is selected as aggressive chemicals can not be in contact with any metal parts. Similarly, water and sewage treatment plants often use the hose pump to transport iron chloride. Ferric chloride is not only sewage and drinking water treatment in a flocculant, but also a highly corrosive chemicals, can be used to etch metal. An electric utility service company in the washing plant condenser, using a peristaltic pump at 246 l / m speed sulfuric acid was added to lower the pH to 4 or less, in order to remove the scale. After the dissolution of the scale, to precisely control the flow of sulfuric acid, to ensure that the sewage discharged into the municipal wastewater system, a neutral pH. Moreover, peristaltic pumps are widely used in many fields of measurement of sodium hypochlorite, for example in the bleaching of pulp and paper mills to disinfect drinking water. Because peristaltic hose pump is self-cleaning, so it does not appear like other pumps, like the crystallization problem, it will not erode the seal. Not long ago, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons and petroleum-based products are also not use a peristaltic pump to deal with, because they are incompatible with a rubber hose. But now, the introduction of a new type called PetroProof thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) such that the peristaltic pump can be used to measure the amount of material during production of toluene and other highly corrosive solvents.

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