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The main components of the slurry pump

2015-03-20 14:33:21

The main components of the slurry pump
1, pump pump cover, jacket, impeller, guard, bracket, bearing body, seal fittings (packing box, cover sideline wheel, mechanical seals which form a sealed pressure).
2, the core component material: flow components (direct contact with the slurry accessories) from the sheath, the impeller, the front fender, rear fender composed generally of high-chromium alloy (A05 / A07 / A33 / A49) made with wear and corrosion resistance, impact resistance properties.
3, slurry pumps are mainly used in mineral processing, power plants, coal, metallurgy, building materials and other industries need to transport slurry. Concentrator slurry transportation such as metallurgy, coal-fired thermal power plant ash handling, coal washing plant for coal slurry transportation, as well as dredging, river dredging.
4, Shijiazhuang slurry pump slurry pump is the birthplace of China, the largest, highest level of product quality in the domestic market share. In the 1980s to promote the development of Chinese industry, original Shijiazhuang Pump Plant (which has been renamed: powerful pump, look for the name, not to be confused), Shijiazhuang industrial pump (Note: Look for the full name, not to be confused) pioneered the introduction of foreign Slurry production technology. Model slurry pump mainly: ZJ slurry pump, vertical slurry pumps under ZJL, ZGB slurry pump, SP liquid slurry pump, AH / HH / M / L (Score) slurry pump. 5, the domestic market in the other models are derived out of the above models, the customer at the time of purchase, please look over the model and confirm whether it is a unified industry standard, and then to prevent the purchase at the time of post-maintenance slurry pump parts is not easy to buy or receive contain malicious manufacturers.

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