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Scraper conveyor for TBM

2020-05-15 17:56:18

Scraper conveyor for TBM
Last week our engineers are doing after-service about the scraper conveyor for TBM in the worksite of TBM in CREG (China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd.).

scraper conveyor for underground engineering

CREG scraper conveyor TBM

after-service conveyor for TBM

GSC500H scraper conveyor for TBM is a heavy duty scraper conveyor driven by hydraulic motor. 
It has the characteristics of strong transportation, stable transmission, simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, safety and reliability. We specially design it to follow our year experience; it is for bulk material conveying equipment. It is suitable for the transportation of broken materials, ores, slag, stone, slag and other granular and small blocks. 

Scraper Conveyor cost

Scraper Conveyor Application

GSC500H scraper conveyor for TBM is widely used in mining, construction, tunnel building, underground engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering.

scraper conveyor for TBM

Continuous scraper conveyors have become the preferred deslager system for long hard rock TBM tunnels, but were only recently recognized in soft-land-based tunnels. Several successful projects in China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. have proven that they are alternatives to slag removal vehicles, with record productivity and high system availability.

TBM scraper conveyor

Gaodetec' tunnel conveyor system performs well throughout the drive. For tunnels that operate 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, the availability of TBM and related subcomponents is very high.

scraper conveyor in the worksite of TBM in CREG

However, the design of such scraper conveyor for TBM systems must take into account material differences between soft land bases and hard rocks, including belt cleaning functions, monitoring systems and other elements.

scraper conveyor data

Precautions for the design of scraper conveyor for TBM in soft land base:
Continuous conveyor systems were first used in mining applications and have since been used as one of the main means of decontamination in hard rock tunnel projects. In recent years, from the computer monitoring system to automatic adjustment of the bend roller, to the 20 km long steel cable belt system, the design of conveyor system has made great progress. Continuous conveyors for soft-land-based TBM projects are the latest versions of the tunnel industry and have considerable advantages over slag trucks.

Scraper Conveyor in Our Factory

The advantages of soft-ground conveyor systems are very similar to the ones in hard rock. TBM can be more efficient because they don't have to stop and wait for the dirt truck. Since locomotives are not used in the tunnel, the necessary ventilation can also be reduced. 

sraper conveyor manufacturer

1. The structure is solid. It can withstand the external forces such as to withstand the shocking, impacting, pounding of the stone, soil, coal, muck, etc. 
2. To be conveyed with large tilt angle, it can adapt to the need of unevenness and bending of the bottom surface of coal mining face, and can withstand bending in vertical or horizontal direction.
3. With compact size, the body is short, easy to install, to be installed in a small room.
4. GSC500H scraper conveyor for TBM can reverse run.
5. To insert the conveyor into the material, this equipment can work without the loader.

Low noise with full loading

Increased safety, improved reliability and short start-up time make soft land transport systems a competitive choice, likely to replace slag transport systems in the next few years. If you are interested in our scraper conveyor for TBM, you can contact us directly, email address: info@gaodetec.com

To protect the pins of the chain

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