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Hydroseeder pump manufacturer

2020-05-16 10:05:26

Hydroseeder pump manufacturer
Hydroseeder pump, during the construction of the site, suitable soil can be added according to the site conditions to reduce the amount of paper fiber and wood fiber, reduce the construction cost in a large amount, speed up the construction speed, and effectively increase the germination rate and survival rate of the grass seed. (basis of sandy soil, and the clay needs to be appropriately reduced according to specific conditions).
Hydroseeder pump manufacturer, Gaodetec hydroseeder pump is driven by dual diesel engines. The stirring and output power are separated. The lift is higher and the efficiency is faster. It can be used as a large-scale greening and spraying of the dam on the slope of the road side of the railway, and can also be used to Spraying rice fields, lawns, tree flowers, crop seeds, etc., can also be used for daily care and soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization, and spraying pesticides.

hydroseeder pump manufacturer

Hydroseeder pump machine is safe and simple operation, the machine anti-skid platform is equipped with a full-featured operating panel, high 80cm protective fence can be installed and unloaded according to need, not only to ensure the safety of the console and frame gun operator and other staff, but also at the workbench On the temporary stacking of goods.
In the tank body, the dual stirring modes of blade mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring are used to allow the material to be in a state of full suspension evenly during the process of stirring and spraying, and the uniformly mixed raw materials can be uniformly sprayed at one time.

hydroseeder project

Hydroseeder pump spraying material mixture is composed of grass seeds, grass fiber, peat, water retention agent, adhesives, fertilizers, local soil and water. Grass seeds are selected according to local climatic conditions. Mix the mixture should refer to the design specifications or determined through field test. Gaodetec hydroseeder pump can spray soil common clay, organic nutrient soil, oil improvement material, muti-content fertilize, water retention agent.
PB series hydroseeder is driven by single diesel, electronic control, easily operation. It's a better way to install residential and commercial lawns -- hydroseeder. It is especially suitable for outdoor conditions, applicable to all kinds of rock slope, hard soil, poor soil, acidic soil, arid zones, clay soil and coastal dam etc.

hydroseeder manufacturer

Hydroseeder pump features:
1. The material of hydroseeding machine main structure is made of high quality structural steel. No matter how worse the conditions are, it ensures seeder sturdy and solid. The device improved the safety of construction greatly.
2. Advanced technology, it even works for mud materials which have poor mobility, no blocking, and no stopping, well adaptation of various materials, big output pressure. 
3.Two mixing models, blades mixing and circular spray, are powerful enough to ensure the spraying mixture in the planting process is in fully suspended and fully mixed stated, evenly emitting the mixture of raw materials at one time. Uniform sowing, high efficiency. The hydroseeding machine can complete friization, seed mixing, seeding, covering and other processes at one time and it is less affected by the wind which can improve the speed and quality of lawn planting.
4. Hydroseeding equipment has strong power, powerful agitation system, and be equipped with many types of spraying guns, which extend the maximum operation scope from 200m to 300m, fan-shaped spray nozzle or mist spraying is more suitable for close-distance planting to meet various requirements.
We have many standard sizes for your option, and we also could customize them as per your need. If you are interested in our hydroseeder pump, welcome to send inquiry to us.

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