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Peristaltic pump FAQ

2014-12-23 10:20:45

一. Flow
1. How much traffic can be pumped?
BT50 flow range of the pump system can provide for 0.002 to 23 ml / min. Flow range BT100 / BL100 pump system can provide for from 0.0006 to 290 ml / min. Flow range BT300 / BL300 pump system can provide for 0.012 to 1200 ml / min. Flow range JT360 pump system can provide for from 0.3 to 45 l / min.
2. How the accuracy of the traffic?
After the calibrated flow pump system, the flow rate may be less than 0.5% error range. Other systems use a pump, the flow rate error range may be less than 1%, in line with the general pumping applications.
3. Viscosity what kind of impact on liquidity?
All are in the fluid flow as a measure of the mobility of water reference. The greater the viscosity of the fluid, the lower the flow.

二. Pump head
1. How pressure limit?
Adopted in accordance with the tubing may be. Under normal circumstances, the upper limit of the tubing pressure of 40 lb / ft2 (2.7 bar); nominal pressure of 25 pounds / square foot (1.7 bar). The upper limit of the company bearing PTFE pump head running for 100 pounds / square foot.
2. How inlet pressure cap?
Adopted in accordance with the tubing diameter, wall thickness and the material may be. Typically, the entrance to the upper pressure limit of 40 lb / ft2 (2.7 bar). The upper limit of the company bearing PTFE pump head running for 100 pounds / square foot.
3. The maximum suction height how?
Maximum suction height of 29 feet of water.
4. The need to check it?
Required. The company's unique pump structure eliminates this need.
5.PREFLUID idling pumps can it?
Can. Its pumpable gas, liquid and the multiphase mixture fluid. But the company's PTFE pump head can overheat when idling occurs, it is not pumping gas.
6.PREFLUID pump is self-priming it?
Yes it is. Capable of producing more than 26 inches Hg (660 mm Hg) vacuum.
7.PREFLUID pumps are positive displacement pump it?
Yes it is. Water flow and rotor speed (in the range of the maximum capacity of the drive) is proportional.
8.PREFLUID non siphon pump it?
Yes it is. Any time there is always a roller pump tube pressure over its locked, it will not produce any reflux.
9. The fluid can be pumped or abrasive slurry solution it?
But on the pumpable viscosity and particle size limit and the inner diameter of the tubing used in the relevant.
10. Why offer so many types and sizes of tubing pump head?
This allows in as many applications, can achieve the desired optimum speed fluid pumping.
11. Can reverse pumping fluid it?
Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the pump head, the same as all the specifications indicators.

三. Tubing
1. How important is the tubing?
Equivalent to an ordinary pump tubing pump room. A high degree of flexibility in determining the suction tubing; tubing material strength to determine their ability to withstand; tubing material softness determine pump life; pump tube diameter determine the pumping rate; and the tubing wall thickness determines pumping efficiency.
2. How about PREFLUID pump suitable temperature range?
The optimum temperature range of 32-104°F (0-40°C). Tubing can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 100 to zero in on 460 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 73 to zero at 232 degrees Celsius), the pump head can withstand the maximum temperature range of minus 148 to zero at 230 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 100 to zero 110 degrees Celsius).
3. depending on the type of factors that affect the tubing tubing life by using what?
Speed and pressure on the pump, tubing material and chemical compatibility, as well as the pumped fluid (medium) abrasive.
4. What tubing material is good enough longest life?
Followed by: NORPRENE tube ˉ, PHARMED tube ˉ, TYGONˉ LFL tube, silicone tube, TYGON silicone tube, C-FLEX tube ˉ, TYGON VITON tube and pipe.
How the relationship between speed and tubing life 5. Pump?
Speed is inversely proportional to the pump tubing life. The lower pump speed, the longer tubing life.
6. tubing and food compatibility how? Can withstand sterilization handle it?
Well, you can. Part of the tubing material in line with MSF, FDA and USDA Food delivery specifications or requirements. Many materials can withstand sterilization.
7. Replace the tubing easy?
Difficult. Easy-mounted head, easy to install type II pump head, high performance head, cassette head, and quick tubing pump head can be quickly and easily replaced. For the standard head, just use random keys mounted pump equipped, tubing can be easily replaced.

四. Drive
1. A drive can take more than one pump head it?
Any number (usually 2 or 4) Standard pump head or pump head can be easily installed in any combination of cluster together, as long as does not exceed the maximum torque of the drive line. In addition to the display in the catalog directory drive models.

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