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Refractory pan mixer for mixing glass, ceramic industry

2022-09-06 15:11:28

The industry of refractory pan mixers has been very popular in recent years. Due to the rapid development and application of building materials, concrete, ceramics, and glass industries, more and more investors are coming. For planetary refractory pan mixers, many people will also seek an introduction, so whether Is there a good quality blender at the right price?

refractory pan mixer for mixing glass

vertical axis planetary refractory mixer

Advantages of refractory pan mixer for mixing glass, ceramic industry:
(1) The refractory pan mixer has no difference in processing batches, high precision, and is very suitable for laboratory use, and the data accuracy is guaranteed;
(2) The refractory pan mixer has a small footprint, fast speed, good dynamic response, and no noise;
(3) The refractory pan mixer has a compact structure, high rigidity, and large bearing capacity.
(4)The refractory planetary mixer is fully equipped with safety devices, and the equipment is easy to arrange and fast to install. The fully automatic operation is more suitable for the automatic refractory production line. The vertical shaft planetary refractory mixer is set to automatically feed, stir, and discharge, and then continue the next process through the conveying device.
(5)The planetary refractory mixer has unlimited rotational speed, adjustable and controllable mechanical operation, and the vertical axis planetary refractory mixer can mix all types of refractory mixers with outstanding mixing effects.
(6)The refractory pan mixer for mixing ceramic industry significantly reduces the equipment failure rate, and there is no worry about unreliable equipment sealing. The refractory mixer has strong environmental protection and no gas, dust, and noise pollution during the processing process.

planetary refractory pan mixer

vertical axis refractory mixer

With the development trend of intelligent and innovative product design, the refractory pan mixer for mixing glass, ceramic industry can be processed more flexibly, and the use industry will be broadened to improve the performance and application of the refractory mixer.

refractory pan mixer for mixing ceramic industry

If you need a vertical shaft planetary refractory pan mixer for mixing glass, ceramic industry, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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