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Refractory paddle mixer for sale

2019-07-10 16:11:23

Refractory Paddle Mixers are well-suited for steel mill. Our paddle mixers offer mechanical stability, drive the engine, adjust the paddles and safety features to provide optimum performance for the castable. The rugged paddle mixer will provide years of useful service for the preparation of refractory castables prior to installation. It can be delivered quickly in drum capacity from 100 - 800 liters (100 - 800 kg payload). The refractory paddle mixer is a complete unit consisting of rugged and wear-resistant components that require little maintenance except for normal cleaning. It is very stable and comes with a hook and a retractable, towable drawbar for easy access to the vehicle or to the rear of the vehicle.

paddle mixer


paddle mixer for steel mill


800kg refractory paddle mixer

Use of paddle mixer:

The paddle mixer for refractory is first started and the dry material to be mixed is then added to the mixing tank. The volume of added material should not exceed approximately. 60% of the tank's volume. Add water according to the instructions printed on the pourable bag. When the mixture is homogeneous, it can be emptied. For example, place a wheelbarrow under the discharge door. Then pull the arm to open the door. After use, the machine mixer should be cleaned by rinsing with water or a high pressure cleaner. In connection with cleaning the mixing tank, it may be necessary to open the barrier. Place it on top of the machine.

WARNING: Stop the machine first and remove the CEE plug as an additional safety precaution. There is a lifting lug at the top of the machine's central shaft. When the safety light barrier is turned on, the lifting eye can be seen. It is used to lift a paddle mixer, for example, on a truck.       

paddle mixer for refractory

Available range of p
addle mixers:

Item GRM100 GRM250 GRM500 GRM800 
 Mixing capacity 100kg   250kg 500kg    800kg
Rotating speed 49rpm  46rpm  33rpm  39rpm 
 Motor Power 4kw  7.5kw  11kw  18.5Kw 
 Feeding Height 1000mm  1150mm  1300mm  2350mm 
 Dimensions (mm)  810x810x1090 1020x1020x1120  1250x1250x1300  2800x1880x2640 
Weight 420kg 560kg 890kg 1350kg 
Note: Technical data may change due to technical progress, subject to modification without notice.

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