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Refractory mixer castable pan mixer

2023-07-02 09:17:50

The refractory mixer castable pan mixer is specially designed for mixing refractory castables. As a manufacturer of refractory pan mixer from China, Gaodetec Equipment can provide customers with mixers with different mixing capacities. The high-quality refractory mixer castable pan mixer is very suitable for the mixing of castables and refractory materials in steel mills, and is usually used in conjunction with wet refractory spraying machines. The mixing capacity of each batch can reach 100-1000Kg, and it can also be used with a wet-type refractory shotcrete machine for refractory installation projects. In order to improve the service life of the refractory pot mixer, high wear-resistant liners are arranged around the pot wall and bottom.


Compared with ordinary concrete mixers, castable refractory pan mixers have some outstanding features. The mixing speed and uniformity are very high. It is equipped with a lining board to prevent the mixture from wearing the drum. The lining board can be replaced and can be used continuously. The maintenance cost is low and the service life is long. It integrates mixing, electricity, and water into one, thoroughly realizing a small automatic mixer. Optional bag cutting device, high feeding comfort, easy to use. The design is simple and generous, the structure is compact, the internal cleaning is simple, convenient, and convenient to move. The three waterways can supply water from different directions to ensure that the materials and water are evenly mixed.

Features of large-capacity castable refractory pan mixer:
1. The unique mixing method of the large-capacity refractory castable pan mixer can greatly improve the mixing quality and mixing speed of the materials. It greatly increases the number of revolutions of the material per unit time, shortens the mixing cycle of the castable, and has high production efficiency.
2. This new type of large-capacity castable refractory pan mixer has a unique overall mechanical structure design. The forced dispersion and mixing of materials greatly eliminates the phenomenon of material adhesion. Even when the water content of the material is high, the quality, non-stick and non-stick bottom overcomes the major technical problems that cannot be solved by conventional refractory mixing equipment, and greatly improves the mixing quality.
3. Large-capacity castable refractory pan mixer is an important refractory mixer. Large-scale refractory castable pan mixers are widely used and promoted in the industry due to their compact structure design, light and portable operation, non-polluting mixing and sealing, low noise, and low energy consumption is a high-quality mixer specially designed for on-site construction of castables.

When choosing a large-capacity 
refractory castable pan mixer, you must be clear about your needs, so that you can buy a cost-effective machine. When can I buy it, we generally clarify our needs in the following points:
1. The difference between the materials of the mixer
For a variety of equipment such as large refractory mixers, choosing one that suits you is undoubtedly a big problem. Therefore, when choosing a refractory mixer with a disc mixer, the first thing to confirm is the material of the mixer and narrow the range according to the mixing material.

2. The speed of the 
refractory mixer castable pan mixer
The second is to look at the mixing speed of the refractory mixer. High mixing speed will naturally increase production efficiency, and slow mixing speed will naturally affect construction speed.

3. Distinguish the 
refractory mixer castable pan mixer
Large-capacity refractory mixer castable pan mixer and its accessories will have corners that cannot be reached, commonly known as dead corners, so choosing a small proportion of the dead corners of the mixer will greatly improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

In the process of stirring and mixing, the particle size composition of general refractory materials is easily destroyed. For the production of individual refractory materials, the order of mixing and feeding will also affect the uniformity of mixing. Large-capacity refractory mixer castable pan mixer can avoid the above phenomenon. The refractory mixer castable pan mixer can quickly mix refractory materials with poor dispersion and various refractory materials. As a manufacturer of large-capacity refractory castable pan mixers, we can provide you with 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg and customized services.

First of all, the refractory mixer castable pan mixer is very suitable for on-site construction, castables, refractory materials, etc. Especially for the refractory mixer castable pan mixerr, we have added ladders, operating platforms, and high-pressure water flushing devices. On the other hand, considering that the mixing capacity of the refractory pan mixer can reach 1000kg, a more powerful motor is required. In order to protect the motor when starting, we have added a soft start device for the GRM800 and GRM500 pan mixers.

In China, we provide 
refractory mixer castable pan mixers for well-known steel plants such as Baosteel, Angang Iron and Steel. In foreign countries, we also provide refractory mixer castable pan mixer Vesuvius and so on. As we all know, Vesuvius is a leader in the global refractory industry, and they own the field of refractory materials worldwide. Our refractory castable pan mixer has received better feedback from Vesuvius. If your local voltage is different from ours, we can also customize a suitable voltage motor for you according to your needs.

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