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Prestressing Post tensioning PC Strand Pusher Machine

2018-05-17 18:25:58

The prestressed strand machine is also known as strand stranding machine, strand threading machine, stranded pipe threading machine. Strand stranding machine (prestressed steel strand threading hole is referred to as the threaded cable) is driven by mechanical transmission. The roller clamps the steel strand for transmission. It can be forwarded, retracted, and can be continuously conveyed, or it can be transmitted in a timely manner. The speed of conveying steel wire is stepless, the operation is convenient, the performance is reliable, and the efficiency is significant. The prestressed steel stranding machine greatly reduces the labor intensity. The prestressed steel stranding machine is widely used in large bridges and box girders. With the structure.

pc strand pusher machine

Prestressed strand machine detailed operational process:

Currently, only two or three people are required to use the threading machine to feed and wear the cable. Under normal circumstances, at least two 32-meter prefabricated box girders can be worn in one class. The threading operation of the threading machine is as follows:

1. Suspend the steel strand bundle to the end of the prefabricated beam, about 10 meters from the prefabricated beam, and fix it with a stranded wire cage to open the bundle.

2. Install the threading machine in place.

3. Pass one end of the strand end through the threading machine.

4. The other end of the beam starts the power of the cable tangling machine and the threading machine starts to work.

5. When the strand reaches the other end of the beam and reaches the exposed length of the strand, the power controller turns off the power of the cable tangling machine and enters the end of the strand.

6. wear a strand.

new type pusher machine

Prestressed steel stranding machine uses and features as following:

It is an ideal rigging machine, and it is the main tool for constructing bridges and large buildings using prestressed work for the passage of steel hinges. The prestressed steel stranding machine can be retractable, fast or slow, small in size, light in weight, simple in operation, and easy to maintain. During the construction process, the two can complete the operation, greatly reducing labor intensity and increasing production efficiency.

Prestressed steel stranding machine working principle:

The speed reducer drives the double drive wheel to rotate. The steel hinge line is inserted from one end of the line entrance. The driving wheel and the double cluster wheel press the steel hinge line forward to move along the guide pipe through the reserved hole until reaching out from the other end of the hole. Use size.

Prestressed steel strand pusher machine technical parameters as following:

1. steel hinge diameter: General ¢14-¢16 (can be configured according to user needs)

2. Delivery distance: 40--200 m

3. motor power and input speed: 3KW--7KW (can be configured according to user needs)

4. Voltage is 3 phases 380V 50HZ and single phase 220v 50hz, we can customize it according to your requirement.

The prestressed strand pusher can also be used with shears, we also produce shears, if you need, please contact us anytime.

LS-7 PC wire pusher machine

7.5kw PC Strands Pusher Machine

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