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Portable concrete mixer with pump for sale

2020-01-18 09:45:58

Portable concrete mixer with pump for sale

Portable concrete mixer with pump perfectly combine the advantages of traditional concrete pumps and concrete mixers. Not only can it mix cement mixtures efficiently, but it can also transport finished concrete over long distances. Due to its wide application and stable performance, more and more customers are willing to purchase portable concrete pump for sale for their projects. As a professional concrete pump manufacturer, we have a variety of portable concrete mixer machine to choose, including diesel portable concrete mixer with pump, electric portable concrete mixer with pump, drum type concrete mixer with pump, forced type concrete mixer with pump and so on.

portable concrete mixer with pump

First, you should know which engine or motor you need. Divided by engine, including diesel engine and electric motor. Electric portable concrete pump for sale are definitely suitable for these areas with sufficient electricity. In contrast, diesel portable concrete pump for sale are particularly suitable for areas with underdeveloped power. Therefore, please choose a suitable power machine according to the operating conditions in your area.

portable concrete pump for sale

The portable concrete mixer with pump was developed for the construction of small towns and new countryside. It is a combination of mobile feed, automatic mixing and high-pressure automatic pumping. The concrete pump can be used for long distance and high altitude concrete transportation. It is mainly suitable for concrete mixing and pumping of buildings below ten floors, private houses, villas, concrete floors, rural roads, small bridges, water conservancy channels, etc., which can not only save human resources, but also improve construction efficiency.

portable concrete mixer machine

The portable concrete mixer with pump has a compact structure and a small turning radius, and can be used for flexible and convenient low-speed traction of small loaders, tractors, and small trucks on rural roads. The hydraulic oil cooler of the hydraulic system is continuously cooled by the tap water to effectively control the working temperature of the hydraulic oil to ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic components and the accurate operation of the system. The control cabinet of this portable concrete pump for sale uses a centralized control panel and a wired remote control for safe and convenient operation. High-quality hydraulic and electrical components and mechanical components are assembled and commissioned in a dust-free assembly shop to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

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