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Pneumatic diaphragm common faults and troubleshooting

2015-01-04 10:33:54

Diaphragm pumps in operation should be no abnormal sound, ministries no run, run, drip, drain phenomenon, pressure gauges, control valves reliable, various performance indicators have reached the rated capacity of the instructions or to meet production requirements. However, due to normal wear and tear or aging parts of the material, will fail.

Diaphragm pressure is low or the cause and treatment of elevated:
1. Improper pneumatic diaphragm pressure regulator valve adjustment; adjusting the pressure valve to the desired pressure
2. The pressure regulating valve failure; broad overhaul pressure regulator
3. The pressure gauge spirit; repair or replace the gauge

Diaphragm pressure drop causes of failure and treatment methods:

1. Insufficient fill up the oil valve oil; oil valve repair
2. The lack of feed or feed intake valve leakage; overhaul feed conditions and feed valve
3. plunger seal leak; overhaul seal portion
The oil storage tank is too low; fill the new oil
5. diaphragm pump leaks or damage; check and replace the seal or diaphragm.

Diaphragm Failure insufficient flow and processing methods:
1, the intake and exhaust valve vent brag; feed valve repair or replacement
2, membrane damage; replace the diaphragm
3, the speed is too slow, adjust failure; access control device to adjust the speed. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps have action, but little or complete flow
Full no liquid effluent.

Insufficient flow diaphragm approach:
1. Check the pneumatic diaphragm pump cavitation, lower pump speed allow liquids to enter the liquid chamber.
2. Check valve ball is stuck. If the operation of the liquid elastomer is incompatible with the pump, flexible experience an expansion of the phenomenon. Replace the appropriate elastomer material.
3. Check the pump inlet fitting is fully locked does not leak, especially in the vicinity of the inlet end of the ball need locking clip.
Pneumatic diaphragm valve freezing air: Check compressed air moisture content is too high, air-drying equipment
Pneumatic diaphragm pump outlet has bubbles: Check for diaphragm rupture, check whether the locking clip, especially the inlet pipe clamps.
Products from the air discharge port outflow: Check for diaphragm rupture, diaphragm and internal and external check whether the shaft clamping jaws
Valve rattle: increase exports or inlet head.

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