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Pneumatic diaphragm pump disasembly and re-assembly instructions 1

2015-01-04 10:29:27

Warning: Before the repair pumps, air source to be first dismantled the pipe from the pump, and the pump air pressure discharged. Remove all pipeline connects the pump inlet and outlet, then the fluid in the pump discharge into a suitable container. Wear protective hat, glasses, gloves.

No action or pump operation is very slow:

1.Filter or air filter unit,Check whether the air inlet end of the impurities.
2. Check that the air valve is stuck with a cleaning solution to clean the air valve.
3. Check the air valve is worn, replace parts as necessary.
4. Check the condition of the sealing parts of the central body, if badly worn, the sealing effect can not be achieved, and the air will be drained from the air outlet end. Due to its special construction, use only GLYD circle.
5. Check the air valve piston activity is normal.
6. Check the type of lubricant. Add oil if higher than the recommended oil viscosity, the piston may get stuck or not functioning properly. Recommend the use of light oil and antifreeze.
1) pneumatic diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air, proper lubrication pump can run more stable and can extend the life of the pump.
2) ensure clean air, dirty gas valve is easy to wear, it is recommended to install the pneumatic FRL
3) The need to switch off slow slow start to reduce the impact of the pipeline and the diaphragm, before starting to check for loose pipe connection.
4) Please exhaust pump connected to a safe place when transporting hazardous liquids, in order to avoid the risk of damage to the diaphragm.
5) After delivery please easy to dry cleaning fluid, in order to avoid damage to the diaphragm or the next start will not start.
6) long pipeline, the pipeline should be fixed, not with a pump to bear the weight and vibration of the pipe. 

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