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PLC synchronous control hydraulic jacks

2018-07-01 16:55:23

PLC synchronous control hydraulic jacks can be used for serious car accidents on elevated roads. When one of the trucks experiences a rollover accident, the main deck of the elevated road section is lifted up and damaged, and the two sides of the adjacent deck are subject to uneven force due to the vehicle tipping. The drop occurred in the bridge, according to on-site investigation, draw up temporary disposal plan. The programme consists of three subprogrammes. The first is the temporary stabilization program, which uses steel wire to anchor the box girder, and unloads the accident vehicles and carrying materials on the bridge, synchronously detects the box beams, columns and other facilities; second, the temporary support program, using steel pipes and hydraulic jacks to support; The synchronous lifting device is used to translate and reset the box girder, and the pier body and the support are used to repair the falling beam and repair the bridge surface.

PLC hydraulic cylinder


PLC synchronous control hydraulic cylinder

PLC synchronous control hydraulic jacks

PLC frequency conversion synchronous hydraulic cylinders system is a high-precision displacement synchronization system developed by our company. It adopts variable frequency control technology to control the lifting and lowering process of multiple hydraulic jacks in real time. It is characterized by safety, stability and high precision. It can be perfectly used for synchronous lifting, synchronous descent, equal ratio elevation of bridges, pile foundation gravity detection of buildings, weighing of offshore oil platforms, etc.

PLC multi-point synchronous jacking hydraulic system is divided into five parts: hydraulic pump station, PLC computer control system, hydraulic system, displacement pressure detection and human-machine interface operating system. The system integrates the hydraulic jacking system, computer PLC signal processing, displacement monitoring and bridge structure analysis and construction technology, and completes the technical development on the integrated system. The core is based on the bridge structure analysis and construction technology summary, based on the characteristics of the bridge design computer PLC signal processing and hydraulic system, input the displacement signal of the external monitoring facility, output the hydraulic system oil control signal, using the terminal groups of jacks to achieve The purpose of balanced, safe and efficient bridge jacking is to ensure that the accuracy of jacking and landing accuracy does not exceed ±0.5 mm. The jacking load includes 50 tons to 1,000 tons and the roof height is 10 to 500 mm.

PLC synchronous jacking system features:

1. High-speed zero-setting, low-speed jacking, lifting speed can be arbitrarily controlled;

2. Hydraulic jacks with external (or built-in) displacement, pressure sensors, and uniform load valves ensure high reliability of the jacking system in harsh working environments;

3. The overload protection function of the valve is all loaded to avoid the common expansion cylinder accident when the multi-cylinder jacking;

4. Advanced oil inlet speed control and heavy duty Pioneer hydraulic circuit, the compensation order is to achieve high precision and synchronization when lifting, and it can also ensure high-precision synchronization when the load drops;

5. The operation is simple and intuitive, and it can realize the adjustment of work roll, pitch and other postures;

6. A color touch screen can be attached, real-time online display of jacking displacement and jacking load, and can also be connected to the IPC to record the entire construction process in real time;

7. Multi-point synchronization can be extended to 32 points or more. In the multi-point synchronization state, in addition to maintaining the synchronization of multiple points, the load distribution of each fulcrum can be adjusted according to the user's requirements.

PLC hydraulic pump


PLC jacks

PLC hydraulic jack

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