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Hydroseeder manufacturers

2018-07-03 17:45:01

PB8083 hydroseeder adopts double injection system design, 83 kW high power diesel engine, high performance car pump, high quality steel tank, bidirectional stepless speed agitator, it is a professional series of jetting machine, for solid content The mixed slurry (weight ratio) of 40%-60% can still be sprayed normally. It is the first choice for large-scale spray broadcasting projects such as roads, railways, dams, abandoned mines, garbage dumps, and golf courses. This device combines multiple functions into one, and is widely used, making it become an ideal choice for your equipment.

Hydroseeder machine

Hydroseeder is more efficient than sodding, broadcast seeding, or any other method of establishing turf or controlling erosion. Gaode Hydroseeders suppliers use 100% hydraulically driven, mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation to enhance the loading, mixing and discharge operation

Gaodetec hydroseeder manufacturers will give you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including erosion control (temporary and permanent), seeding, fertilizing, dust control, landfill daily cover, mine & oil field reclamation, hydro sprigging, fire suppression, watering, coastal work, street cleaning etc.


Hydraulic motor

The soil spraying machine is mainly composed of a diesel engine, a spray pump, a stirring tank, a spray device and a control system. The diesel engine has a large power, generally a six-cylinder diesel engine, and the spray pump is also large. The guest soil spraying machine is generally used for slopes with poor soil quality such as stone and mixed stones. The mud has been sprayed to a certain concentration, and the grass layer is sprayed for the grass. This type of slope generally requires 5-10 cm. Thick, the direct spraying distance of the guest soil spraying machine is 20-40 meters, and the guiding distance is 40-100 meters.

The hydroseeder machine is composed of a diesel engine, a spray pump, a stirring tank, a spray device, etc. The structure is different from that of the soil sprayer. The diesel engine generally uses a single or double single-cylinder diesel engine, and the spray pump also compares. small. The hydraulic spraying machine is generally used for the slope with better soil quality, the mixed liquid of the grass seed and other materials, and also used for the greening of rivers and golf courses. The hydraulic spraying machine can spray a certain concentration of mud. The spray layer should not be too thick, which is an advantage that the peers do not have. The direct injection distance of the hydraulic spray machine is 20-40 meters, and the lead pipe distance is 40-60 meters.

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