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Nice quality wet shotcrete machine for sale

2022-01-12 10:22:55

Recently our foreign customers purchased seven sets GSZ3000 concrete wet shotcrete machine from our company. GSZ3000 shotcrete machine belongs to thin flow rotor type shotcrete machine, different with pump type shotcrete machine, having equivalent spraying effect with European machine. Compare with rotor type shotcrete machine, pump type shotcrete machine is thick type, need much larger discharge air compressor to blow materials.

GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine

GSZ3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine Rotor System Description
Gearbox drive rotor system rotate and feed mixed ready concrete into rotor body pockets, and then materials are blow to nozzle assembly along conveying hose by suitable compressed air. For GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine, which adopt round rotor body to feed materials. According to different customers’ requirement, we have also sector rotor body for option.

Rotor system description

Sector Rotor Body
When GSZ3000 concrete spraying machine is used as wet mix process, need one dosing pump for pumping accelerator into nozzle assy. There is one set of hose pump used as accelerator integrated in shotcrete machine frame. There is one hand wheel in the hose pump gearbox, which could adjust dosing pump output from 60L/h to 300L/h.

Accelerator dosing pump integrated in the machine frame

Dosing Pump for Pumping Accelerator
Usually for wet shotcrete process, materials (cement, sand, and stone) need mix first with water in the mixer before adding wet shotcrete machine hopper. GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine adds accelerator in the nozzle assembly instead of adding water. While dry mix shotcrete machine, need add water in the nozzle assembly, don’t need add accelerator. That is different between wet shotcrete machine and dry shotcrete machine.

Wet mix process

Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Process
Different with other suppliers used wrongly dry mix shotcrete machine as wet shotcrete machine, our GSZ3000 shotcrete machine is designed special for wet spraying. Unique hopper design is conducive to wet spraying air exhaust. As far as we know, when wet mix spraying, need discharge timely excess air.

shotcrete machine with unique designed hopper

Unique Hopper Design
More our GSZ3000 concrete spraying machine could be used as wet shotcrete machine and dry mix shotcrete machine. Because of better spraying effect and perfect sales service, our shotcrete machine received more customer high praise.

Wet concrete spraying machine

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