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Multistrands stressing jack for sale

2020-11-25 11:53:42

Multistrands stressing jack for sale
YDC series multistrands stressing jacks are advanced devices based on their former structures of YDC, redesigned with high-strength steel, advanced structures, sealing function, optimization technology. This new type features tight structure, lightened weight, short axial length, stands saving by shoort reserved length in prestressing strand anchorage. The results of test shows its perfect performance, durability, flexibility of lifting, convenience of using and preparing. It can be used in pre-tensioning and post-tensioning.

multistrands stressing jack

Application of multistrands stressing jack for post tensioning:
1. Multistrands stressing jack is used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions.
2. Multistrands stressing jack is used for bridge construction, buildings and channel constructions.
3. Stressing multistrands tension hydraulic jack is used for highway and railway constructions.

post tension hydraulic jack for bridge

Multistrands stressing jack (also known as multi-stock jacks) are small, compact and efficient. Unlike mono hydraulic jack, which stresses a PC strand at all times, the purpose of applying stress to hydraulic jack is to apply stress to all strands in the tendon at the same time. All stresses are applied at the same time to improve speed and accuracy.

multi strands stressing jack

Features of multistrands stressing jack for post tensioning:
1. New design with high strength steel, convenient and light.
2. Compact structure and perfect seal performance.
3. Saving a lot of prestressed pc strands and easy to operate.
4. Special alloy steel with heat treatment process, reducing the cylinder's expansion ratio in the tensioning process to improve the life of seal.
5. Perfect performance and convenience of using and repairing.
6. Safer, faster and more efficient in the operation.

stressing multistrands tension hydraulic jack

multistrands stressing jack for sale

Multistrands stressing jacks provide great flexibility to match anchors of different types and structures. Neither the limit plate (also known as the front plate) nor the splint (also known as the rear plate) are permanently fixed to the stress jack. For example, stress jobs that use 12, 15, and 19 anchors. You can use the same stress jack to do all the stress work for these different types of anchors. By changing the limits and splints, it has greater flexibility when using the same stress jack for different anchor firmware configurations. This greatly reduces the need to use multiple stress jacks for different anchor types at the same duty station. Operators can fully optimize the use of these pressure jacks with minimal investment and reduce the requirement to maintain interchangeable different pressure jacks. This increases efficiency and productivity on the job site. Less pressure jacks also means less maintenance and calibration costs.

multistrands jack for sale

Our standard multistrands jacks for sale are also 35%-40% lighter than many other manufacturers. These benefits are critical for many operators because they reduce the workload of the user during post-tightening. And because of its compact size, it can work in smaller confined spaces and also reduces the use of PC strands.

stressing multistrands tension hydraulic jack manufacturers

We provide multistrands stressing jack OEM service, you can put your logo on our products and equipment. Any need you can send us an inquiry freely, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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