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Hydraulic stressing mono strand jack manufacturer

2020-11-23 18:05:35

Hydraulic stressing mono strand jack manufacturer

Gaodetec as the mono strand jack manufacturer, mainly sell double acting hollow hydraulic jacks, single acting hollow hydraulic jacks, synchronous hydraulic jacks, hydraulic stressing mono strand jacks, etc. As the professional hydraulic stressing mono strand jack manufacturer, we can also customize the hydraulic jack according to user requirements.

hydraulic stressing mono strand jack manufacturer

The hydraulic stressing mono strand jack is also called the prestressed tensioning front cassette jack. The mono strand jack for sale is mainly composed of a cylinder, a piston, a core sleeve, a tool holder, a bushing, a top plate, etc. This is a kind of prestressed tension treatment equipment, and the anchor is assembled. The tension anchors of the tension system are used together. It is mainly used as special equipment for applying tension in the pre-tensioning or post-tensioning construction of pre-stressed concrete strands. Special support feet can be used to solve the problem of pretend structure incompatibility.

hydraulic stressing mono strand jack

The hydraulic stressing mono strand jack is mainly used to undertake various grades of structure of railways, highways, municipal bridge projects, high-rise buildings, tunnels, water conservancy, mining facilities, electric power, nuclear power and other large-scale construction projects required anchoring products, steel mechanical connection products and Tension construction ability. 

mono strand jack for sale

The main purpose of the mono strand jack for sale:
1. Tension of a single prestressed tendon, including top pressure anchoring solid or retracting self-anchoring;
2, the group anchors are stretched one by one;
3. When the anchor needs to be unloaded during the tensioning process;
4. Finish rolling rebar tension.

mono strand jack manufacturer

The hydraulic stressing mono strand jack is usually used in conjunction with the oil pump. We should pay attention to the following issues when using it:
1. The working voltage must be higher than 360V.
2. The hydraulic system must use pure hydraulic oil filtered by an oil filter, but cannot mix more than two. After refueling, seal the fuel tank. Change the oil every 3 months and clean the oil tank regularly. The storage tank must be heated in winter, and the hydraulic system must maintain normal hydraulic pressure.
3. Sufficient operating space is required for easy operation during operation.
4. The operator of the oil pump and the jack must work closely, and the oil pump can only be started after the jack is stable
5. If an error occurs, it should be terminated immediately for inspection, and can only be used after the expert has eliminated the error.
When moving the equipment, do not use high-pressure hoses to pull up the jack or oil pump.
6. Do not leave the quick-change connector. Please keep it clean when quickly changing the coupling. Screw the dustproof nut onto the jack high pressure pipe and nozzle, and seal it with a plastic bag to prevent dust from entering and contaminating the hydraulic system.

mono strand jack supplier

If you are interested in the hydraulic stressing mono strand jack, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com
As the mono strand jack supplier, we will provide the best service for you!

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