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Core drilling rig

2014-12-29 10:17:19

Core drilling has a modular design, easy to disassemble the assembly drilling high efficiency, easy to transport, low cost, environmental protection and other features. In most cases, be able to penetrate into the depth of over 350 meters of HQ and NQ more than 500 meters of strata, can be widely used in ground conditions extremely complex core drilling work.

1. Safe and reliable, lightweight and flexible
Compact rig structure, simple, various components, including drill rigs, including five tons with a truck that can be transported. Convenient traffic conditions in the area can not use artificial or packhorse trail transported through for our customers significant savings to build temporary roads investment, exploration and shorten the construction period, save labor, reduce risk and handling costs. Rig with hydraulic drive, modular structure safe, reliable, easy to operate, reduce labor intensity, more humane; airports are 12-volt DC power supply, electricity safer; when the machine removal, disassembly easy, easy to install, easy to complete rig move. The maximum weight of the individual components of the rig is not more than 250 kg, the total weight of 1200 kg.
Rig novel structural safety
2. rigs angle can be 45 ° ~ 90 ° range of adjustment, the rig may be inclined -45 ° ~ -90 ° hole drilling, Needless tower operation, the column operation to reduce the security risk, increase the safety factor operation .
Environmentally friendly compact rig
3. especially suitable for cutting large mountainous terrain or environment, construction work on forest construction, rig just 4ⅹ4 meters or less flat space. Does not require the construction of temporary haul roads, solve a lot of earthwork excavation or cut down more trees when mill units, reduce damage to vegetation and the environment, reduce the amount of compensation for the temporary rental of land drilling to maximize the protection of the construction site and the surrounding environment.
Quality and efficient energy saving
4. The diamond drill rig allows a higher speed and more stable to cutting rock drilling, exploration and shorten the duration and reduce costs. The rig is not only fast, but also the average fuel consumption of 400 liters per 100 meters, take the core rate can reach 95%.

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