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Fast mortar spraying machine use for refractory spraying building

2019-05-08 15:47:35

Cement mortar shotcrete machine is also called fast mortar spraying machine. Cement mortar shotcrete machine is mainly used in exterior wall mortar spraying, mortar conveying, mud conveying, exterior wall thermal insulation material spraying, mortar pulling, refractory spraying building. Area fireproof material spray, waterproof agent spray slurry project.

cement plastering machine for wall

First, the working principle of cement mortar shotcrete machine

The cement mortar shotcrete machine is mainly composed of a driving device, a rotor assembly, an injection system and the like. Working principle of cement mortar shotcrete: The material to be stirred is discharged from the distribution mixer (or manual mixing and feeding), and sent to the high pressure chamber by the screw feed, and then the high pressure rotor and the high pressure stator are rotated to form a high pressure. The high-pressure conveying pipe is sent to the spray gun, and another high-pressure wind is introduced by the spray gun to blow off the material and accelerate the injection.

Second, cement mortar shotcrete product features

1. The cement mortar sprayer is designed reasonably, the pump and compressor are integrated, and the movement is convenient;

2. Continuous feeding, no pulse phenomenon;

3. Wide applicability, can spray dry powder, mortar, can also spray ordinary mortar;

4. Uniform spraying and strong adhesion;

5. Full-featured, can be sprayed and sprayed;

6. The spray gun and nozzle connection can be optional direction, easy to operate.

Third, cement mortar shotcrete machine safety operation precautions

1. The cement mortar shotcrete machine is strictly prohibited from reversing, and must be consistent with the direction of the cutting on the equipment. The operator must read the instruction manual carefully; and be familiar with the structure of the equipment before the operation can be carried out.

2. Observe the oil mark and check if the oil in the reducer is sufficient.

3. Check that the connection fastening of each part of the machine is correct and reliable.

4. After the preparation is completed, it can be turned on. After turning on the power, it will be reversed before it can be operated. The machine is filled with a good material. At this time, the gas valve switch should be opened first, and then the sprayer opens the gas valve on the spray gun to pre-wet the surface of the wall. At this time, the operator starts the shotcrete operation. According to the ratio of mixing water, ash and sand, adjust the air pressure and mortar distance until the residual material in the hopper and rotor high pressure chamber is finished, then add water to clean the rotor high pressure chamber before stopping.

The above is a description of the working principle, product characteristics and safety operation precautions of cement mortar sprayer by Gaode mortar pump manufacturer. For more information about mortar pump, please contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com.

wall plastering machine

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