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Mobile concrete mixer manufactures

2017-11-20 11:45:57

Our company is a professional mobile concrete mixer manufactures production of concrete mixer is advanced at home and abroad, the ideal model of construction equipment, plate and blade long service life, convenient maintenance. Suitable for the mixing of plastic, dry, light aggregate concrete and various mortar and mortar.

We produced the concrete mixer shaft connected to the transmission mechanism of driving and driven by the drive mechanism roller, the roller cylinder jacket around the cylinder gear ring set, set with the ring gear meshing gear on the shaft. The utility model structure is simple and reasonable, and it can overcome the sliding phenomenon between the roller and the mixer when the gear and gear ring are engaged. The driving mechanism can further assure the elimination of the roller between the roller and the mixer. 

mobile concrete mixer manufactures

Mobile concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated file and roads, Bridges, water conservancy, port and other industrial and civil building engineering, and can be dry mixing concrete, plastic concrete, liquidity concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar, is an efficient model, application is very broad.

Concrete mixer manufactures product design and reasonable structure, novel layout, use convenient maintenance, highly designed leg parts: JS500 is 1500 mm, JS750 to 1600 mm, JS1000 for 3500 mm and 4000 mm, JS1500 and JS2000 is 4500 mm, the user can from the dump truck, dump truck, truck mixer is used, can also according to customer's special requirements for restructuring at the same time, to meet user needs.

Instructions for stirring:

1. Before use should be an idle running of commissioning, the commissioning should check the machine all fittings stronger than before, especially if there's any loose for bearing parts are in transit, closed master switch, communication power supply, the idle running trial.

2. Empty running test test. It is not found that abnormal noise, high heat of bearing, etc., can make the mixer put into production.

3. If the machine is found to be abnormal or abnormal, the mixer should be stopped immediately for a thorough inspection.

4. Do not use load is too large, generally with the load of the motor to determine, with 380 v motor overload current when mixing material, is normal with no more than 6 amps, such as over load shall be immediately reduce mixing capacity.
5. Management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure, control structure and operation principle of the mixer. Must not leave the work place during the operation, prevent failure and damage the machine parts to ensure safe production.

Mobile concrete mixer


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