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How To Solve The Noise Of Membrane Filter Press?

2018-12-22 09:31:00

Gaode equipment Co., Ltd is a filter press manufacture from China. We could supply many different type filter press, and our filter press for sale to many countries, very popular.
Membrane filter press is arranged by membrane plate, chamber filter press, conveying material into chamber by feeder pump, solid and liquid will be separated by filter cloth.
When the solid in slurry forms into filter cake, inlet air into membrane, press the solid in chamber volume, reduce the moisture content. If for filtering too viscous material or higher the moisture content, this membrane filter press have more special features.

filter press

This filter press adopts FRPP, polypropylene plate is mounted with diaphragm together, sturdy, secure, easy off, and longer life.
The below is the detailed parameters of membrane filter press for your reference. We also could customize different filter press as per your application.

membrane filter press manufacturer

filter press for sale

Now let us talk about how to solve the noise of membrane filter press?

1.The installation of filter press
Filter press must be installed as per instruction, as long as you install it as per correct sequence, if so, it could keep the steady of filter press. If the stationarity of filter press reach to requirement, it could reduce the noise of filter press.
If you don’t know how to install this filter press, please contact with us, we could dispatch technicians to teach you.

2.The lubrication of filter press’s main parts
During filter press is working, the friction of parts will generate noise, which request the worker of filter press to use filter press, they must do lubrication of filter press, add lubrication oil for accessories at timely, avoiding the friction of each other to generate noise.
On the other hand, well lubrication also could reduce the wear of accessories, it could own have longer life.

3.The maintenance of membrane filter press
Filter press is like person, it need to maintain regularly. If filter press just work, don’t have any maintain, the best filter press also have different problem during working. The workers of filter press should regularly check and maintain filter press during working, regularly check the main parts of filter press.
You should tight the loose parts at timely, changing the broken main parts. Avoiding to generate noise because of loose accessories or broken parts, it could be sure that filter press have better performance quality.

Membrane Filter Press

So, filter press customers should do some preventive works before working, they could find problem and solve problem through some necessary inspection. If so, filter press could better work, bring large economic benefit for your company.
We hope this article to solve some problem for you, and if you have other problem about this membrane filter press, welcome to contact with us.

Finally, we also have different models hydraulic jack filter press, hydraulic pressure automatic filter press, program control automatic chamber filter press, high pressure round filter press, 304 stainless steel filter press, cast iron filter press, and spare parts of filter press: filter plate, filter cloth, filter element, and filter membrane, etc. 

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