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Main benefits of cast-in-place foam concrete

2019-08-02 09:43:43

Cast-in-place foamed concrete refers to a lightweight porous concrete formed by physically preparing a foaming agent aqueous solution into a foam and then adding the foam to a slurry made of cement, aggregate, admixture and water.

First, mainly to manufacture products. For example, foam concrete blocks, foam concrete wall panels, foam concrete culture stone, foam concrete garden applications, etc.

clc foam concrete blocks

, mainly on-site pouring. For example, landfills (landfills, road and bridge applications, tunnel fills, tunnel negative fills, etc.) and foam concrete pouring walls.

foam concrete machine for road construction

Because the cast-in-place foam concrete has the characteristics of environmental protection, simple construction, stable quality, and can be cast on site. The foam concrete poured on site is called cast-in-place foam concrete.

Third, social welfare

The use of cast-in-place foam concrete as a new type of material, due to the treatment of foam concrete, adding industrial waste such as fly ash, slag, powder, extraction of environmental protection, waste recycling, promoting efficient use of energy and recycling of resources, realized waste recycling and power logistics development.

Cast-in-place foam concrete and fly ash, slag, industrial waste, such as stone powder as raw material, foam concrete production to reduce particles in production and domestic waste, partially reduce the source of PM2.5, can effectively alleviate micrometeorology, sandstorm, In the foggy weather, the particles in the air are reduced, the air is purified, and “the efforts to promote the circular economy and the ecological economy and reduce the environmental impact of operations” are implemented.

lightweight foam concrete machine

If you are interested in cast -in -place foam concrete, we can provide foam concrete machine and foam agent. We can provide different capacity foam concrete machine from 5m3/h to 40m3/h, and all our machine with pump to convey the foam concrete. Also, our foam concrete machine with standard accessories, you need not get them again and again. Our foam agent has good quality, can make good performance foam concrete.   

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