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What is lightweight concrete made of?

2018-11-08 09:14:43

Lightweight concrete, also known as foam concrete, is a foaming system that fully foams the foaming agent through the foaming system of the lightweight concrete machine, and uniformly mixes the foam with the cement slurry, and then performs the cast-in-place construction through the pumping system of the lightweight concrete machine. Or mold molding, a new type of lightweight insulation material containing a large number of closed pores formed by natural curing. It is a bubble-shaped thermal insulation material. It is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes in the concrete to make the concrete lighter and heat-insulated.

lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete is usually prepared by mechanically preparing a foaming agent aqueous solution into a foam, and then adding the foam to a slurry composed of a siliceous material, a calcium material, water, and various admixtures, and mixing, casting and curing, a porous material that is cured. Since foamed concrete contains a large number of closed pores, it has the following good physical and mechanical properties.
1. Lightweight
Due to the low density of lightweight concrete, the use of this material in the internal and external walls, floors, roofs, columns and other building structures of buildings can generally reduce the building's own weight by about 25%, and some can reach the total weight of the structure. 30%-40%. Moreover, for structural members, such as lightweight concrete instead of ordinary concrete, the bearing capacity of the members can be improved. Therefore, the use of lightweight concrete in construction projects has significant economic benefits.

lightweight concrete machine

2. Good thermal insulation performance

Because lightweight concrete contains a large number of closed fine pores, it has good thermal properties, which is not available in ordinary concrete. Lightweight concrete with a density class of 300-1200 kg/m3 usually has a thermal conductivity of 0.08-0.3w/(m·K) and a thermal resistance of about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete. Lightweight concrete is used as the building wall and roofing material, which has good energy saving effect.
3. Sound insulation and fire resistance
Lightweight concrete is a porous material, so it is also a good sound-insulating material. This material can be used as a sound-insulating layer on the floors of buildings and the sound-insulating panels of highways and the top floors of underground buildings. Lightweight concrete is an inorganic material that does not burn and has good fire resistance. It can be used on buildings to improve the fire performance of buildings.
4.The overall performance is good

It can be cast on site and combined with the main project.

5. Low elastic shock absorption is good

The porosity of lightweight concrete gives it a low modulus of elasticity, which allows it to absorb and disperse impact loads.

6. Waterproof performance

The cast-in-place lightweight concrete has low water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, which makes it has certain waterproof performance.

lightweight concrete made

7.Durability is good

Same life as the main project.

8.Production and processing is convenient

Lightweight concrete can be produced in a variety of products in the factory, but also on-site construction, directly cast into roof, floor and wall.

9.Good environmental performance

The raw materials required for lightweight concrete are cement and foaming agent. The foaming agent is neutral and contains no harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which avoids environmental pollution and fire hazards.

10. Convenient construction

Automated operation can be achieved by simply using a lightweight concrete machine, which can be pumped to achieve a long-distance transport of 200 meters, with a workload of 40-800 cubic meters per working day.

11. Other performance

Lightweight concrete also has good pumpability during construction, high compressive strength (0.5-22.2Mpa), good impact energy absorption performance, high utilization of industrial waste residue, and low price.
If you are interested in this area, please feel free to contact us.

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