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Lightweight cellular concrete making machine for sale

2019-01-02 10:50:39

Lightweight cellular block making machine is specially designed to used for making lightweight cellular blocks. In order to make lightweight cellular blocks, we need know about the mix design, that is, water to material ratio.

lightweight wall panel foaming machine

How is the water cement of lightweight block making machine cellular concrete determined by the manufacturer? 

In actual production, the lightweight cellular concrete made by lightweight cellular concrete block making machine may not be the water to cement ratio, but the water to material ratio. The water-cement ratio refers to the ratio of water to cement.
The water to material ratio refers to the ratio of water to various dry matter. Because the production of lightweight cellular concrete not only uses cement, but also uses active micro-collection materials (such as fly ash), light aggregates, heavy aggregates, auxiliary materials, and the like. These fixed dry materials are water absorbing and require water to wet.
Therefore, considering the water-cement ratio alone is not possible, but the water-to-material ratio should be considered, and the water demand of various dry materials should be calculated.

The water-to-material ratio not only meets the requirements of cement hydration reaction, but also meets the needs of mixing and casting. The ideal ratio of water to material should be that the cement slurry can be easily mixed into the foam. After mixing into the foam, the slurry is not too thin, and it is easy to pour without affecting the stability of the casting.
The water-to-material ratio of lightweight cellular concrete is not a constant value, and the change is very large.

lightweight concrete wall panel foaming machine

The factors influencing the lightweight cellular concrete manufacturer are as follows:

1. The finer the cement and micro-aggregate, the larger the water-to-material ratio; the finer cement and active micro-aggregate have a larger surface area, and more water is needed to wet their surface.

2. The higher the water absorption rate of dry materials, the greater the water to material ratio. For example, the use of waste polystyrene particles as a light aggregate, the water to material ratio is very low, and the use of expanded perlite as a light aggregate, the water to material ratio is very high.

3. The higher the moisture content of the dry material, the smaller the water to material ratio.
The moisture content of sand and gravel is very variable, and the moisture content of wet fly ash is not constant, which will make the water-to-feed ratio variable.

4. The larger the amount of fly ash, the smaller the water to material ratio. Because the spherical particles of fly ash have the effect of lubricating and reducing water, the water-cement ratio can be lowered, so the larger the amount of the fly ash, the smaller the water-cement ratio.
The same quality of dry materials, without the use of fly ash, fly ash, affect the water to material ratio.

5. Water reducing agent has a significant impact on water to material ratio. The higher the water reducing rate of the water reducing agent, the larger the amount of water reducing agent and the lower the water cement ratio. Different water reducing agent dosages have different water to material ratios.
After knowing about these details, if you are interested in making lightweight cellular blocks, you can contact us. We also provide lightweight cellular block moulds.

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