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Large squeeze pump peristaltic pump for sale

2019-10-18 16:47:42

Gaodetec large squeeze pump peristaltic pump is a high-flow squeeze pump peristaltic pump for variable viscosity cement foam delivery viscous liquid manufacturers.
GH hose pumps are equipped with different motors (size, weight, connection method, etc.).
Diesel driven hose pumps, variable frequency hose pumps or other custom pumps are also available.
Customers can make specific requirements based on basic technical parameters.
No valve operation, no backflow, stable pumping flow and low failure rate.
Freely replace the suction and outlet. When the pump is blocked, the reversing pump can discharge the obstruction.
High vacuum, strong self-priming ability.
Easy maintenance and fewer wearable parts (except for extruded hoses).

large squeeze pump

Application of 
squeeze peristaltic pump:
Construction - Cement, paint, spray concrete, brick and roof tiles, colorants and aggregates.
Chemically corrosive acids and bases.
Textiles - fibers, dyes and additives.
Pint and pigment - Disperse millbase, pigment and latex transfer.
Water and wastewater treatment - lime, kalic, sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride and sludge.
Printing and packaging - varnishes, inks, coatings and adhesives.
Mining and mineral separation - tailings slurry, sludge and reagents.
Ceramic and glass - fine porcelain.
Brewery - Yeast, diatomaceous earth, flocculant, stabilizer, filter press feed.
Food and Beverage - CIP applications, wine, brewery, dairy, bakery, condiments and additives.

large peristaltic pump

At the same time, we also provide OEM hose heads for US customers, Mexico, Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh, etc. And provide better feedback to our customers. For more information on hose pumps, please visit our company's website. If you need a squeeze peristaltic pump, tell us what output capacity and working pressure you need. You can tell us what your local voltage is; we can customize the right voltage motor for you. If your work location is remote and inconvenient to get electricity, we can also provide you with a diesel squeeze hose pump.

large squeeze peristaltic pump

large squeeze hose pump

large peristaltic hose pump

Recently we exported the peristaltic hose pump to the United States. Carefully wrap the pump and place it in the plywood box.
The pump is designed according to the customer's needs. In order to get more output, our engineers have improved the diameter of the rotation according to our old design. The connector type is also changed to the flange type as needed.
Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial peristaltic hose pumps. We have developed a full range of products in dozens of models.

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