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What to do if there is leakage between filter plates of filter press?

2018-04-11 14:02:39

During the actual use of filter press, due to improper operation or machine deterioration, some failures occur. During the process, the most common problem is leakage of the equipment (filtrate will leak out from gap between filter plates), which will affect the filtrate quality and the efficiency. Then what’s the reason for leakage? And how to fix it?

1. Lack of closing pressure

The leakage between filter plates can be initially judged as lack of closing pressure. The pressing force is generally 15-20Mpa for PP plate. When the closing pressure is too small, please increase the pressure slowly, but shall not exceed the rated pressure. In the case of ensuring no leakage, to reduce the closing pressure can extend the service life of filter press. Start pressing button, the motor runs clockwise to drive the oil pump. After pressing the plate, adjust the high pressure relief valve clockwise and check the pressure of electric pressure gauge, so that the pressure is adjusted to the above range.

2. Filter plate is covered with impurities

Please clean the debris in sealing surface and ensure that there is no debris between plates before pressing.

3. Filter cloth is folded, not flat

Folded filter cloth will make the filter plate unable to press tightly. In such case, please kindly make the filter cloth flat.

4. The feeding pressure is too high

When the feeding pressure is too high, there will be different levels of back pressure. So it must be controlled in rated pressure.

5. The flow of feeding pump is too large

Please adjust the feed pump valve, install the return pipe and open the return valve.

6. The arrangement of filter plate is irregular

The maximum dislocation of two filter plates does not exceed 5mm, otherwise it will cause leakage. So the filter plate should be arranged regularly.

membrane filter press


filter cloth

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