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Hydroseeding slope greening equipment has a leading role in the field of slope greening

2020-02-02 16:41:52

Hydroseeding slope greening equipment has a leading role in the field of slope greening
With the rapid development of society and economy, the speed of infrastructure construction in various countries has accelerated. Due to the implementation of transportation, water conservancy, mining, power and other facilities projects, a large number of bare slopes have been formed, such as highways, railways, rivers, etc. These bare slopes not only affect the aesthetics of the ecological environment landscape, but also exist some geological hazards, affecting the safety and stability of the main greening project. Therefore, we began to strongly support the work of slope greening. Slope greening equipment is particularly prominent in the field of greening.

 hydroseeding slope greening equipment

Gaode Equipment have many types for you option, we have 13m3, 8m3, 6m3 and 5m3 etc hydroseeding machine, we can also customize hydroseeding greening equipment according to your requirements.

 hydroseeding greening equipment

Slope greening equipment is a new ecological slope protection method that can effectively protect bare slopes. It is separated from traditional civil engineering slope protection (steel anchor support, hanging net, lattice structure, etc.), which can effectively complete the ecological vegetation restoration and protection of the slope. It not only has the effects of stabilizing soil and water and preventing soil and water loss, but also can improve the environment and landscape, and improve the level of health care and education. Slope greening mainly includes: steep slope greening and gentle slope greening; soil slope greening and stone slope greening.

hydroseeding slope equipment 

The environmental significance of slope greening is obvious. Slope greening can beautify the environment, cultivate water sources, avoid soil erosion and landslides, and purify the air. For stone slopes, the environmental protection significance of slope greening is particularly prominent. Slope greening has only begun to rise in recent years. Many people feel that the greening of the slope means greening and planting grass. In fact, it is not. This is also a misunderstood area. It has certain particularities. Everyone should have the concept of maintaining ecological balance.

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