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Good quality double acting hydraulic hollow ram jack

2020-02-09 17:54:32

Good quality double acting hydraulic hollow ram jack

double acting hollow ram jack

Hydraulic ram jacks, also known as hydraulic jack, a double acting hollow ram jack or use as lift jacks rigid top member. Usually only simple lifting equipment provided with lifting means for lifting heavy objects. Double acting hydraulic hollow ram jack is simple structure, light weight, easy to carry, easy to move. Lifting equipment commonly used simple hydraulic jacks, pulleys and winches and so on. Hydraulic ram jacks are divided into general and special categories.

double acting hydraulic hollow ram jack

Universal double acting hydraulic ram jacks is not suitable for lifting height of various lifting operations. It consists of the main part of the oil chamber, the oil pump, the oil reservoir chamber, piston, crank, the oil valve. During work, as long as the crank is reciprocated, the manual oil pump continuously presses the oil into the oil cylinder. As the oil pressure in the oil cylinder increases continuously, the piston and the weight on the piston are forced to move upward together. Oil return valve is opened, high pressure oil will flow back into the oil in the cylinder chamber 3, then the weight will fall together with the piston.

double acting hydraulic ram jack

Double acting hydraulic hollow ram jack is suitable for tensioning steel bars or steel wire bundles. It is mainly composed of tension cylinder, cylinder, jack piston and spring. Its characteristics are: a hollow channel is located along the axis of the stretcher, and the steel bar (or steel wire) penetrates and is anchored by the tail tool. It works. When tensioning, the front and rear grease nipples are opened, and oil is supplied from the rear grease nipple to the tensioning working oil chamber, and the cylinder of the tensioning cylinder moves backward. Since the cylinder cable is anchored to the tool anchor on the top layer of the jack, the jack stretches the steel cable through the tool. When the steel cable is stretched to the required length, close the rear grease nipple, feed oil from the front grease nipple into the pressure cylinder, move the piston of the pressure cylinder forward to hold the anchor plug, and press the plug into the anchor ring Thereby the steel cable is anchored. Open the rear nozzle and continue to feed oil from the front nozzle. At this time, the tension cylinder moves forward, and the oil in the cylinder returns. After the return stroke, the front oil nozzle is opened to return the oil in the pressure cylinder, and the pressure piston is restored to its original position by the return spring.

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