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Hydroseeding machine use for rivers, dikes, earth dams, slopes and highways

2019-07-08 18:31:19

The guest soil spraying technology is a kind of forced greening method. According to the characteristics of grass seed growth, using the principle of sprinkler irrigation technology and adopting a new technology of mechanized operation, hydroseeding machine  is an effective measure and method for soil and water conservation, slope protection and greening and beautifying the environment. Through the artificial action, the guest soil spray reduces the natural succession and prompts it to form an artificial ecological landscape that is coordinated with the surrounding natural landscape. Compared with other technologies, it has the following characteristics:

Hydroseeding machine use for highways

1. The technology of guest soil spraying is not restricted by zones and regions, and has a wide application range.

2. The greening effect is good. Because it is equipped with a certain proportion and quantity of coverings, binders, seeds, etc., and has been stirred and mixed in the tank, it can form a film-like structure with a very uniform seed on the surface of the soil after spraying, which can effectively prevent Rainwater washes and avoids the loss of seeds. Therefore, the vegetation is evenly arranged and the effect is good. This is especially important for the greening of roads, railway subgrade slopes and rivers and lakes.

3. Shorten the process of planting vegetation. Due to the use of water as a carrier and solvent, sowing, fertilizing and covering can be completed in one operation, achieving the effect of three times in the traditional sowing method, greatly shortening the process of vegetation establishment and saving a lot of manpower and cost .

4. Solved the problem of difficult construction of high and steep slopes. The technology uses high-pressure equipment, which can spray the sprayed materials onto the slopes of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters high, which is unmatched by artificial sowing or conventional seeding.

5. the customer soil spray speed is fast, can be carried out in a large area, the survival time is short, basically covering about 2 months. It is generally more than one year to cover the artificial turf. It is difficult to spread the turf in a large area, and the speed is slow. The effect is not as good as the spray. It is not limited by terrain and soil conditions, and the soil is complex, uneven, and steep.

6. The soil-spraying technology can not only make the Guangshan Baling Ridge green, improve the environmental microclimate, but also absorb and accumulate the soil nutrients dispersed in the lower layer of the soil through the strong roots of the grass group, through the withering of the grass and the agglomerate structure of the soil. Increased soil fertility. At the same time, vegetation can intercept precipitation, slow down surface runoff, increase soil infiltration, have good water storage and preservation efficiency, improve local microclimate, increase ground moisture, reduce topsoil temperature, and facilitate plant growth and development. Moreover, the hydro-spraying investment is less, the effect is quicker, and the human and material resources are significantly reduced and the speed is faster than the manual turf.

7. The soil-spraying technology is applicable not only to rivers, dikes, earth dams, slopes, highways, etc., but also to urban greening, such as sports fields, residential quarters, roads, parks and other public places. Greening, the application is extensive and the prospect is broad.

The various materials sprayed on the plant provide good coverage conditions for plant growth, greatly improve the seed emergence rate and survival rate of the seeds, and ensure the growth and development of plants on the slope surface, thus solving the problem of planting vegetation on the slope. This is of great significance in the greening project.

Hydroseeding machine use for rivers

Hydroseeding machine use for slopes

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