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Hydro seed machine for sale

2021-01-23 14:43:27

Hydro seed machine for sale

The hydro seed machine for sale is suitable for green spraying in rock, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zone, coastal dam and other places where plants are difficult to grow. Now, hydro seed machine is widely used in highway slope greening, high-speed railway slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration, desert control and other projects.

hydro seed machine for sale

hydro seed machine

Gaodetec has produced the hydro seed machine for sale many years, we can produced the mixing tank of 3000L,6000L,8000L or the bigger hydro seed machine, we can also provide the customized service for you.
The hydro seed machine for sale is widely used in greening projects such as greening road slopes, greening mines, treating deserts, and protecting river banks.

hydroseed machine for sale

So, what are the advantages of the hydro seed machine for sale?
1. High efficiency: It has a mechanized structure and can run at high speed 24 hours a day.
2. The lawn is of good quality: the lawn grows evenly, neatly, densely, and has a good covering effect.
3. Low cost: mechanized structure, semi-automatic operation, high work efficiency, extremely low labor intensity, all raw materials can be mixed and sprayed at one time, and the required cost is much lower than that of conventional manual spraying and turf processing.
4. The equipment is not only widely used in spraying lawns, trees, flowers, crop seeds, etc., but also in irrigation, fertilization, pesticide spraying and other daily care and soil improvement work.

hydroseed machine

In order to increase the service life of the hydro seed machine for sale, we should follow the steps below:
1. It must be operated according to the correct method when using it. The correct operation method can not only improve the spraying efficiency, but also extend the service life of the sprayer;
2. Lubricate the various parts of the guest soil sprayer before and after use, so as not to affect its performance and service life;
3. Before the formal spraying, be sure to test the run with clean water to observe whether the spraying machine is operating normally. In addition, the clean water can also clean the pipes inside the spraying machine, which is beneficial to the subsequent spraying operations
4. The air pressure must be controlled when using it. Too much air pressure will easily damage the machine, and too small will affect its efficiency;
5. In terms of hydraulic pressure, the working hydraulic pressure should be lower than the working air pressure to avoid structural failure;
6. In the process of spraying, if there is abnormal sound, you should turn off the power of the sprayer in time to check, and use it after troubleshooting;
7. After use, you should run it dry first, drain the accumulated water inside, and then clean up the dirt inside with clean water. If you want to stop using it for a long time, you need to drain the water, scrub it dry, and apply anti-rust oil to key parts.

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