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Double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

2021-01-25 11:46:02

Double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

As the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers ,our company's hydraulic cylinder  series products are mainly divided into tension jacks and jacking jacks, including double acting hydraulic cylinder, single acting hydraulic cylinder, synchronous hydraulic cylinder, self-locking hydraulic cylinder, etc. As the hollow hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, we can also provide the customized service for you.

double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

The double acting hydraulic cylinder can be equipped with a manual oil pump or an electric oil pump to provide power for the jack. And because the double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder has a through hole in the middle, the double acting hydraulic cylinder not only has the lifting capacity of a general hydraulic jack, but also has the stretching and tensioning functions that the ordinary jack does not has. The middle through hole can allow cables, steel ropes and other shafts by using this hollow jack double-acting and has hydraulic retraction. It is the first choice for various large-scale projects. It has the characteristics of convenient operation and control. The new technology and structure make the hollow jack safer and longer in use.

double acting hydraulic cylinder

double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder

The double acting hydraulic cylinder combines all the single-acting design functions with the advantages of the double-acting design, which can improve the operation and speed, especially in the case of a long stroke, which can maximize the hydraulic traction. The double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder can be used in tunnel engineering, underground engineering, bridge and other construction projects.

hollow hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

The double acting hydraulic cylinder has the following functions:
1. Exquisite design, compact, light and easy to operate.
2. Used to extend cables, steel locks, bolts and rods through the hollow through holes. It is widely used for disassembly and assembly of main shaft and tail shaft of various shipyards.
3. A lid can be attached to the top of the hollow cylinder to use it as an ordinary cylinder.
4. If the sliding part of the piston and steel alloy is made of wear-resistant material, the surface of the piston rod is plated with wear-resistant and hard hard chromium.

hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

Pay attention to the following points when using double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder:
1. If an out-of-control phenomenon occurs during use, first loosen the oil drain screw of the pump body, stand the pump body upright and knock down, tighten the drain screw, and then continue to use.
2. When using, do not apply partial load or overload. Never disassemble the quick connector under load to avoid accidents or damage to parts.
3. The double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder uses oil as the medium, so we must do a good job of maintaining the oil and the jack to avoid blockage and oil leakage that affect the use effect.
4. For a new double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder that has not been used for a long time, the piston rod may jump suddenly at the beginning of use due to the large amount of air in the cylinder. When empty, the hydraulic jack can reciprocate 2-3 times to eliminate the air in the cavity. When the jack is idle for a long time, the hardening of the seal due to the long non-working of the seal will affect the life of the hydraulic jack, so no-load reciprocating movement must be carried out every month when the hydraulic jack is not used.

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