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Hydro seed machine for sale

2020-12-17 17:41:37

Hydro seed machine for sale
High-quality hydro seed machines for sale are single diesel-driven, electronically controlled and easy to operate. The main structural materials of hydro-seeding equipment are made of high-quality structural steel. No matter how harsh the conditions, it ensures that the seeder is robust and reliable. And it has a reasonable, generous appearance. Apply imported paint to ensure that it does not fade for three years.

hydro seed machine for sale

Hydro seed machine are widely used to plant permanent vegetation to control dust, protect slopes, graze, revegetate and prevent erosion. Mainly applicable to more than 45 degrees of stable soil slope, high filling embankment slope and artificial soil slope and other site conditions. Used for stable soil slope, high fill subgrade solpe, artificial soil slope, lawn, rice field, garden, golf courses, park, school, soil improvenment and the place of erosion control.

hydro seed machine

Hydro seed machines can plant a lot of grass in a few hours. It is large enough to mix and volume 3000L-15000L. We can provide customized services, such as making hydro seed machines with trailers larger and tanks larger. In addition, it mixes fast enough to mix and apply up to four tank loads per hour.

hydroseed machine for sale

Hydroseeder machine for sale is a machine that connects nozzles, pumps and hoses to a water tank. Water, seeds, mulch and nutrients (e.g. lime and fertilizer) can be mixed in the water tank and sprayed at low pressure over a large area of the yard. When reused in the same area, using a hydroseeder machine can save time and money. In addition, the water sprayed by the hydroseed machine can quickly disperse the seeds and other elements and immediately provide moisture. The mules provide a protective layer on the seeds. The result is usually that lawns or garden beds grow faster than traditional methods.

hydroseed machine

Hydro seed machines are the fastest, most economical and easiest way to build vegetation on exposed soil surfaces to stabilize soil and prevent soil erosion. This technology involves the use of hydraulic presses to grow permanent vegetation to control dust, protect slopes, plant grass or grass, prevent revegetation and prevent erosion.

Hydroseeding machines can be used for spraying on embankments and flat areas. It is widely used in spray grass seeds, slope stability and beautification of the environment, highway slope protection projects, through spray seed grass, flat area greening and so on. The cost of the application is lower than the regular dry ground application that must be covered with straw. In addition, hydroseeding saves time, seeds, mules and watering for the first time with one spray.

hydroseed machine for slope green

Compared with wet sprayers and hydraulic pumping wet sprayers, Chinese hydro seed machines have the following advantages, such as:
1. Greatly improve the safety of construction;
2. Easy to move, especially for relatively low slope and dispersion slope;
3. Construction is more convenient, the hydro seed machine is independent and easy to use. 

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