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Small guniting machine for refractory repaires

2020-12-21 17:29:42

Small guniting machine for refractory repaires
The small refractory guniting machine is mainly uses compressed air to transport refractory or similar loose materials through pipes, control the mixing of water in the port, and spray on the sprayed surface at high speed to condense and process to form a certain strength material protective layer. 

small guniting machine for refractory repaires

The refractory guniting machine for repaires is widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, coal mines and mine tunnels. Spray concrete construction work: lining spray molding or industrial furnaces, repair various refractory materials: protect various slopes, soil transportation and green spraying during construction. This machine can be used for wet spraying, dry spraying and various textile spraying operations.

guniting machine for refractory repaires

The working principle of the guniting machine for refractory repaires is to add fireproof materials into the vibrating hopper, enter the straight material cavity of the rotor through the screen, rotate with the rotor and rotate to the outlet, and the compressed air passing through the upper air channel flies in the form of vortex. will. Then, another compressed air stream is introduced by the cyclone separator to disperse, accelerate and rotate the material, float in a multi-head spiral, enter the feed pipe, and when it reaches the nozzle, it is mixed with water and sprayed on the spray surface.

refractory guniting machine for repaires

The features of the small guniting machine for refractory repaires:
1. The refractory shotcrete machine has the functions of mixing, conveying and spraying.
2. The concrete pouring quality is good, the construction speed is fast, and the labor is saved.
3. Gunning metallurgy and industrial furnaces are widely used in steel plants.
4. The refractory shotcrete machine is a stereotyped product with good quality and durability. The vulnerable parts, rotating plate, bonding plate, spray gun and other accessories are fully stocked.

small refractory guniting machine

How can we extend the service life of the small guniting machine for refractory repaires?
1. When the refractory shotcrete machine stops, we should blow out the remaining material in the conveying pipe.
2. When the pipe of the refractory shotcrete machine is clean and there is no material sprayed from the nozzle, then close the water valve at the nozzle.
3. Close the main air pipe valve.
4. The mixture can be stored in the hopper when the spraying operation is temporarily interrupted:
5. At the end of a long pause or concrete spraying operation, stop feeding first and let the machine continue to run until the residual material in the hopper and rotor is exhausted. At the same time, add a little wet sand to remove the residual material in the hopper and rotor cavity. Clean the spray out.
If you are interested in the small guniting machine for refractory repaires, please contact us! Email:info@gaodetec.com

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