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Hydro grass seeder for sale

2021-04-01 20:13:23

Hydro grass seeder for sale
Hydro grass seeder, commonly known as hydraulic spray seeding machines, hydraulic spray seeding machines, etc., are mainly used for guest soil spraying, highway (railway) slope greening, mine greening, wound mountain greening, desert treatment, and large-scale greenbelt reconstruction other greening projects, as a new greening machinery, are used to replace traditional slope spraying equipment such as dry spraying machines, wet spraying machines, and conveying pumps.

hydro grass seeder for sale

The hydro grass seeder is a device used for guest soil spraying. Through this equipment, the soil substrate, grass seeds, water-retaining agent, adhesive, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the spraying machine mixing tank to form a gel. The slurry is sprayed on the slope with a high-lift multi-stage pressurized thick slurry pump. Since the slurry contains water-retaining materials, bonding materials, and various nutrients, it ensures the source of water and other nutrients needed for plant growth while preventing rain erosion from destroying the sprayed materials, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

hydro grass seeder for slope greening

Slope greening is a new ecological slope protection method that can protect the exposed slope surface. It can be combined with traditional civil engineering slope protection (reinforced anchor support, hanging nets, lattice structure, etc.) to realize the restoration of ecological vegetation on the slope surface. And protection. It not only has the function of conserving water and soil, but also can improve the environment and landscape, and improve the health and cultural level. The slope greening is mainly divided into: steep slope greening and gentle slope greening; soil slope greening and stone slope greening. The hydro grass seeder is the main machinery for guest soil spraying, and the hydro grass seeder is a more economical method to realize slope greening.

hydro grass seeder price

As hydro grass seeder supplier, we will introduce to you the precautions when the hydro grass seeder is turned on:
1. Matters needing attention before starting the hydro grass seeder:
(1) Check the electrical system for poor contact, short circuit and looseness.
(2) The power of this equipment adopts internal combustion diesel engine, please refer to its engine instruction manual.
(3) Check whether the fasteners are loose.
(4) Check the engine oil level scale, the oil storage in the fuel tank, and whether there is any leakage in the oil pipe joints and water pipe joints.
(5) Check whether there is air in the fuel supply line. If there is air, remove it according to the method specified in the engine operating instructions.
(6) Read this manual first, have a clear understanding of performance, structural features and precautions, and be familiar with the positions and functions of the joysticks and instrument switches.
2. The engine of the hydro grass seeder starts:
The stirring lever is placed in the middle (neutral) position, the electromagnetic clutch switch is in the off position, plug in the door switch key, and turn to the "start" position in a clockwise direction. The start time shall not exceed 10 seconds. let go. If the engine cannot be started at one time, it should be restarted after an interval of 1-2 minutes.
3. The inspection and preparation of the hydro grass seeder before working:
(1) When idling, check whether the readings of the various instruments (engine temperature, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, fuel gauge) are normal, if not normal, stop and check and eliminate it.
(2) After starting the engine, it should be idling for about 5 minutes, and only when the engine temperature rises above 500C and the oil temperature rises above 400C can it work with load.

hydro grass seeder

If you are interested in our hydro grass seeder for sale,  please contact us for hydro grass seeder price, info@gaodetec.com.

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