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Hydraulic Jack for Sale

2018-08-20 13:47:40

Gaode equipment specializes in the production of tension jack, providing you with 27 ton, 200ton, 300ton, 500ton. 600ton, 800ton, 1000ton and 1500 tons of tension hydraulic jack, we have many types for you choose, we can also customize according to your requirements.

The tension hydraulic cylinder is a special hydraulic jack for tensioning tendons such as steel hinges. The tensioning hydraulic jack needs to be used together with the tensioning oil pump. The power of tensioning and returning is provided by the high pressure oil of the tension pump. According to the structure, it is divided into a front hydraulic jack and a center hole hydraulic jack.

200ton hydraulic jack

post tenison hydraulic jack

The tension hydraulic jack is a special hydraulic cylinder for tensioning tendons such as steel hinges. The tension hydraulic hollow jack is compact in structure, stable in tension, high in oil pressure and large in tension. It is widely used in prestressed construction projects such as highway bridges, railway bridges, hydropower dams and high-rise buildings. Whether the tensile force value of the prestressed tensioning hydraulic jack device is accurate or not will directly affect the quality of the project and safe production. Therefore, it is very important to calibrate and produce accurate and reliable test data.

tension hydraulic jack

In the construction of prestressed structures and cable bridges in construction projects, it is necessary to measure the actual load. In the engineering tests we encountered, such as the piles in the underground works, the cables in the bridge construction are all hydraulic jack tensioners. In the actual construction site, for example, during the construction of the cable of the Huangpu Bridge, the actual size of the cable tension load is particularly important for ensuring the cable tension design index and the construction quality of the bridge. For this reason, in the past, the construction department began to determine the magnitude of the load by calculating the magnitude of the pressure load in the jack. After the improvement, the dynamometer directly measures the scale of the pressure gauge. The direct load of the tension device in the construction of the force measurement is much better than the original method. However, in the on-site construction, due to some characteristics of the pressure gauge itself, there are still pointers that are prone to deviations; when the pressure is high, the pointer jitter is fierce; the human reading error is large; the load indication needs to be converted and other defects, resulting in measurement accuracy and reading in engineering measurement. Intuitiveness and load variability are difficult to ensure. However, the use of digital tension hydraulic jacks can show some of the disadvantages of the above-mentioned pressure gauges, opening up new avenues for heavy-duty engineering measurements.

Hydraulic Jack structure and characteristics as following:

1. The new type of sealing member is adopted to make the cylinder body withstand high pressure while the sealing strength is simultaneously enhanced;

2. The special alloy steel cylinder material is combined with the heat treatment process to reduce the expansion ratio of the cylinder during the tensioning process, so that the life and sealing performance of the seal is improved by about 20%;

3. For the tension operation process, for the problem that the hydraulic jack return overpressure is easy to damage the jack, the overpressure protection valve is added on the hydraulic cylinder for pressure relief protection; at the same time, several commonly used models are used for wire disc and flange type. The structure has been improved to enhance the bearing capacity of the jack against the return hydraulic pressure, greatly reducing the possibility of damage to the jack due to improper operation.

In summary, the performance of the YDC series hydraulic jacks using new structures and new technologies is improved compared to the original through-type hydraulic jacks, and is widely used in prestressed construction processes of various pretensioning and post-tensioning methods.

hydraulic jack

hydraulic jack

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