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How to maintain double acting hydraulic cylinder and high pressure electric oil pump?

2019-10-19 13:51:38

STQ series double-acting hydraulic cylinders have large capacity and light weight, and can be operated remotely in any space and place. Equipped with high pressure electric pumps (electric pumping stations), STQ series double-acting hydraulic cylinders can be used for a variety of tasks, such as lifting, pulling, pushing, squeezing and pressurizing. Double-acting cylinder types are widely used in transportation, railway, bridge, shipbuilding, construction, industrial and mining lifting, installation, adjustment and inspection.

high pressure electric oil pump

The characteristics of double acting hydraulic cylinders are as follows: the type of hydraulic cylinder is suitable for large tonnage lifting site;Double function, hydraulic oil return; Chrome plated plunger rod, resistant to corrosion and wear. The bottom of the cylinder is designed with a standard mounting hole. Special processing on the surface of the cylinder can ensure more durable use. NPTF dry seal thread design and equipped with high performance quick joint; The paint is applied to the surface of the cylinder to provide more resistance to corrosion.

The high pressure double acting hydraulic lift oil cylinder is powered by ZB series high pressure electric oil pump. It has the function of oil pressure rebound and overflow. The safe protective supercharger is designed to protect the emergency overpressure. Dual - acting hydraulic plunger cylinder can withstand a partial load of 5% of the rated pressure.High pressure alloy cylinders are very durable, especially in larger applications, and easy to operate and control. It can be used for lifting heavy machinery, bridge engineering, water conservancy engineering, port construction and other equipment. It has the advantages of large output, light weight, remote control and so on, can be used with my company's high pressure oil pump, can achieve jack, push, pull, extrusion and other working methods.

double acting hydraulic cylinders

Electric pump station is a kind of power tool. All instructions, warnings and precautions should be carefully read before use to comply with safety measures to avoid damage to personnel or equipment during operation.

Warning: set the maximum pressure to 63Mpa and adjust the pressure valve before the pumping station by non-professional non-professional personnel. The company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by unsafe or incorrect operation

Tip: use # 46 or # 32 hydraulic oils in the pumping station. The electric pump station is composed of three phase asynchronous motor, low pressure pump, high pressure pump and water tank. Small size, high pressure, light weight, the advantages of simple structure, and equipped with a pressure gauge connected to the standby interface.

double acting hydraulic lift cylinder

Now, let's show you the hydraulic cylinder installation and operation announcement.
1. Please ensure that the load capacity is concentrated in the center of the hydraulic cylinder, the direction of which should be consistent with the double-acting hydraulic cylinder.
2. The allowable unbalanced load must be within 2.5% of the required flange hydraulic cylinder.
Install the flange on the screw thread of the neck of the hydraulic cylinder.
4. Clean the air in the hydraulic cylinder.
5. When the hydraulic cylinder is loaded, the double-acting hydraulic cylinder cannot be separated from the port of the electric hydraulic pump.
6. Please avoid the piston of flange hydraulic cylinder stretching out too much.
7. In case of leakage, stop the inspection immediately.
8. Keep the hydraulic system clean.
9. Keep away from heat, fire, rain, sea water, moisture, etc.
10. Please check and maintain the hydraulic cylinder regularly.
11. Piston nut and parts must be fully connected to the top of piston.
12. Use standard hydraulic fluid and keep it pure. 

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