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Concrete shotcrete machine supplier

2019-10-17 18:04:25

Gaodetec Equipment is a concrete shotcrete machine supplier and manufacturer for 20 years. Concrete shotcrete machine mainly uses compressed air to transfer concrete through the material cavity into the continuous transportation along the feed pipeline and spray it to the construction surface. We supply concrete shotcrete machine is mainly divided into two categories: dry concrete shotcrete machine and wet concrete shotcrete machine. The former is mixed with pressure water at the nozzle, the former is mixed with pressure water at the nozzle, and the latter is ejected through the nozzle by pneumatic or concrete pump. Concrete shotcrete machine is widely used in underground engineering, hydropower engineering, shaft and roadway, tunnel, culvert and other shotcrete construction operations.

concrete shotcrete machine supplier

Gaodetec concrete shotcrete machine supplier is a company with 20 years of experience in research and development, production and sales of concrete shotcrete machine. We will share some of our experiences below. Concrete shotcrete machine needs to do a lot of work before implementing shotcreting work. 

supplier of concrete shotcrete machine

Preparation work to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure personnel safety. Please complete the following:

1. Preparation for inspection of the work site. Check whether the quality of the roadway excavation specification is qualified, and the unqualified section should be processed first. Knock the state to ask the top, eliminate the top state pumice, clean up the two states, and to achieve the depth of the two states. Obstacles that affect the spraying operation must be removed, and can not be removed, such as cable pipelines, air ducts, etc. need to be protected and covered. When the jet and the jet hand cannot be directly contacted, a dedicated contact signal should be set. Lay the iron plate in the injection section to prepare for the recycling of the rebound.
2. Check the concrete shotcrete machine. Check for any leftovers in the hopper. The pressing mechanism on the rubber plate is relaxed, and the curved plate and the top screw are removed. The rubber plate and the rotating lining are turned, and if the rotation is counterclockwise, the steering is correct. Jog the motor to check the steering of the steel liner, such as counterclockwise rotation, indicating that the steering is correct. Tighten the pressing mechanism on the rubber plate and the top screw on the outside of the curved plate to adjust the gap between the rubber plate and the steel liner to make the combination tight and stable. The oil and water separator is drained. Open the shut-off valve to check the air leakage around the rubber plate, and adjust the air pressure according to the length of the feed pipe. Use the air to blow the pipe for 2-3 minutes. Whether the no-load test run motor is normal.
3. Check the spray gun. The spray operator is responsible for unloading the components of the spray gun, checking the wear of the feed pipe, the water ring and its connecting parts, whether the water hole is blocked or not, and modifying and replacing the damaged parts immediately.
4. Check the delivery line. Air supply, water supply test to check whether the wind, water pipes have leaking water running phenomenon, whether there is any air leakage and running phenomenon in the feeding pipeline, knocking the conveying pipeline to check the wear and tear, and whether the discharging elbow is blocked.
5. Check if the pressure gauge is flexible.

supply concrete shotcrete machine

Need know more information about supplier of concrete shotcrete machine, please send us your inquiry, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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