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How much is a hydroseeding machine?

2021-06-03 17:45:28

How much is a hydroseeding machine?

Many customers inquire about the cost of hydroseeding machine, which is of course the most favorable price directly sold by the factory. We can provide the cost of the hydroseeding machine, the cost of the hydroseeding machine and customized services, as well as comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. Gaodetec is a factory manufacturer of hydroseeder machinery and equipment. The hydroseeding machine products produced are sold all over the world, with leading technology and high quality.

hydroseeding machine price

The GHS series of hydroseeding machine is driven by a diesel engine. The tank capacity is 2000L, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L or 15000L. Our GHS15190 hydroseeding machine is equipped with a specially designed centrifugal pump to handle the thickest mud. Cost-effective because it is a one-time maintenance application with the lowest maintenance cost and no labor costs. Soil moisture can be maintained by methods such as rainwater harvesting.

Q: How much is a hydroseeding machine?
A: If you want to get a hydroseeding machine price, you can send me the answer of the follow question, so we can send the hydroseeding machine price list to you as soon as possible.
1. What's the project you will use the hydroseeding machine do? for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. What's the mixing tank capacity you need, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 15000L or bigger or smaller?
3. About the engine, do you need Chinese brand engine or Cummins engine?
1. Pneumatic clutch has high safety factor and long service life.
2. Hydraulically driven hose reel with a hose capacity of 60 meters.
3. Mechanical paddle agitator, easy to use, high transmission efficiency, convenient maintenance for workers, and simple operation.
4. Diesel engine drive, low fuel consumption, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and lower use and working costs.
5. The hydroseeding machine sold uses a specially designed mud centrifugal pump, which can spray viscous materials from the nozzle, and the discharge distance can reach 70m.
6. The chassis of the hydroseeding machine is welded with a 160*80*6 rectangular tube. The tank body is folded by 8mm steel plate. These ensure the overall strength and durability of the machine, and also ensure stable transportation.
7. The hydroseeding machine is equipped with 360° freely rotating universal sprinklers. It is also equipped with long and short fan-shaped sprinklers and pilot valves for easy replacement according to different working surfaces.

hydroseeding machine cost

The hydroseeding machine has high working efficiency and uniform spraying. It has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening projects such as highway and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert management, river and embankment protection, and large-scale green space reconstruction. 

Hydroseeding machine is used for spraying water-based mixtures of slurry, grass seeds, fiber mulch, fertilizer, water-retaining agent, and adhesive; used for residential landscape, commercial landscape, soil erosion control, mine restoration, etc. It is also used to stabilize soil slopes, high fill roadbed slopes, artificial soil slopes, lawns, rice fields, gardens, golf courses, parks, schools, soil improvement and erosion control sites.

If you are interested in our hydroseeding machine, welcome to contact us, we can provide product customization services for you. Email ID: info@gaodetec.com

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