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Hose squeeze pump with factory price

2018-07-12 19:40:42

Hose squeeze pump plays an important role in the industry. It has been used in the industrial field for many years and has a long history. The application of the hose pump in the industry is mainly the function of transportation. It belongs to the creeping part of transporting liquid or gas, but it is relative to There is still a difference in peristalsis, so the role of bridges is prayed in industrial development. What is the performance of the hose pump?

Hose squeeze pump with factory price

First, the abrasiveness of the hose pump is our most important, and it is also the reason why the designer chooses the hose pump as the strong transportation of the industry. For the design of the hose pump, there is no valve and no sealing port, because there is no other The participation of the medium is only a hose belonging to the internal organization and is highly safe.

Secondly, the hose pump has a very good self-priming ability, so that it can create a vacuum environment by itself, so for the transmission of liquid or gas, there will be no barrier bubble or resistance, which affects the transmission speed, so for this kind of Self-priming ability is extremely advantageous for large-scale transmission of industry.

Thirdly, the high performance of the squeeze hose pump is also reflected in the high sensitivity, mainly in the high and uniform viscosity of the delivery, and the shearing property is also good. For the gas or liquid to be transported, it is invariable and does not deteriorate. Such a functional setting is an advantage that cannot be ignored for a liquid or gas requiring high density.

Peristaltic squueze hose

Hose pump features:

1. It is a positive displacement pump. It has mechanical seal, strong self-priming ability and self-cleaning characteristics!

2. No pump valve, stuffing box, will not produce leakage and air resistance of sealed pumps!

3. Simple structure, strong adaptability, liquid. Gas. Slurry and viscous suspended materials can be transported, especially the smooth hose cavity can pump liquid with impurities. Various fiber objects and particle size in soft A solid slurry having a tube diameter of 1/4 or less without any clogging.

4. No pumping is required before operation. When dry running, there will be no failure such as spindle seal. The pumped liquid is only in contact with the hose, so it can transport the corrosive and abrasive medium that rubber can withstand. It can replace the ordinary stainless steel pump.

5. Peristaltic hose pump can rotate in the forward and reverse direction, does not set the import and export, less power consumption, high hydraulic and volumetric efficiency.

6. Has a good metering capacity, can be used as a metering pump, can change the flow by selecting the size of the tube and adjusting the speed, a wide flow range (0.25-35m3 / h), measurement accuracy. Repeatability is high.

7. A variety of pipe materials (ethylene plastic, nylon, rubber and silicone rubber, etc.), suitable for transporting a variety of corrosive. Toxic. Sterile. Radioactive and other media. The inner diameter of the tube is 0.5-125mm, the working pressure is up to 0.98Mpa, and the working temperature is -62~+260°C.

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