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Mountain road marking solution

2018-07-11 10:42:50

Problem Background: As the scale of mountain road construction gradually expands, it is increasingly important to ensure the safe construction of mountain roads. Due to the special geographical environment of the mountainous area, the curve of the mountain road is very complicated, and there are often sharp turns and uphills. At this time, if the traditional hand-pushing marking machine is used for construction, it will not only be very difficult, but also inefficient, and there will be some safety problems;

Recommended solution A (thermoplastic)
Vehicle booster
Gaodetec has developed an innovative and user-friendly ride system that can link the marking machine for the difficult problem of mountain construction. The device has the characteristics of reduced labor, convenient installation and improved use efficiency. On a mountain road with a slope of not more than 60°, it can be stably advanced to ensure the safety of construction.

Vehicle Booster

Equipment characteristics:
1. The right side of the equipment is equipped with high-intensity lighting headlights, which can be constructed under various low-visibility conditions;
2. Easy-operated double-pedal system, when connecting with the marking machine, it only needs to control the pedal to move forward and backward, which is convenient and quick;
3. Using Japan Honda 5.5HP gasoline engine, the engine is small and light, reliable and easy to start;
4. Brake device, can ensure the stability of the equipment when it is constructed on a road with a large slope;

Energy-saving hydraulic double-cylinder thermoplastic kettle
The energy-saving kettle is upgraded on the basis of the gas kettle. The equipment adopts a new spiral inner barrel heat preservation device. The direct-injection high-efficiency stove is used to make the gas and oxygen mix twice, and the heating is faster and the efficiency is higher.

Energy-saving hydraulic double-cylinder thermoplastic kettle

Equipment characteristics:
1. Pure blue flame, heating speed is fast;
2. Help oxygen combustion, save gas;
3. Forming a negative pressure, the gas in the gas tank can be evacuated, so that the gas can be fully used and the cost can be further saved;
4. Insulation material is installed between the inner body bladder and the outer cover plate;

GD860 advanced hand push hot melt marking machine
The hot melt marking machine is the key equipment for the construction of hot melt marking line. It is used together with the hot melt tank to complete the marking line construction. The device is designed to be lightweight, portable, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. 

GD860 thermoplastic road marking machine

Equipment characteristics:
1. Using specially manufactured high-precision integrated cast iron scribing bucket, ensuring that all scribing buckets are flush, uniform, uniform thickness and beautiful in line shape
2. Heat-resistant rubber special cast iron wheel, high temperature and long service life;
3. Glass bead synchronous clutch spreader, which spreads more evenly than the commercially available adjustable spreader;

Recommended solution B (Cold paint)

GD18L hand push truck amounted high pressure airless cold spray marking machine
The hand-pushing dual-purpose cold-jet marking machine is a high-pressure equal-flow type airless spraying machine. The machine uses a gasoline engine to drive a single-piston pump, so that the paint forms a high pressure in the machine for spraying, so the scribe line is evenly angled. It has the characteristics of low labor intensity and quick and convenient construction.

Equipment characteristics:
1. Hydraulic piston pump design, low flow failure rate;
2. Spray gun guide bar lifting design, adjust the spray width is accurate and convenient;
3. Radiator system, which can reduce the temperature generated by hydraulic oil during construction;
4. Voltage regulator system;

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